Baghdadi directs voice message "to the state of Nineveh" is appointed as his successor

By Shunem Abdullah Khoshnaw 6 hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

Face of the leader of the "Islamic state" Daesh, Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi, an audio message to "the state of Nineveh," includes acknowledging the defeat of his forces in the battle waged by Iraqi forces in Mosul, and the appointment of a successor.

Media official said , section 14 of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul, happy Mmousine, network Roudao media, said that "al - Baghdadi sent a voice message to the state of Nineveh in the organization, in which he admitted clearly the failure of armed men," adding that "al - Baghdadi called on militants not to lament the loss of land because the state did not originate on the basis of the land, and they did not own land in the past but they were carrying out their activities. "

He continued that " the leader of Daesh request of its elements to attack the Iraqi forces on the way individual wolves, and not only to defend but also to attack the initiative , " adding that "al - Baghdadi , was appointed as his successor , and called on members of the organization to continue after his death."

Iraqi forces have been battling against militants Daesh to regain control of the western side of Mosul, after it announced on January 24 / December last second, the restoration of the east side, within the military operation began on October 17 / October last.