Abadi: We contacted the Syrian government for approval on airstrikes

By Roudao two hours ago


Roudao - Erbil

Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi said that the security forces are progressing fast in the liberation of the city of Mosul of al Daesh operations, noting that "he was contacted the Syrian government for approval on air strikes."

He said in a press conference held in Wasit province today, "Our visit to the province of Wasit today came to share with the conditions of the province in order to give more with it in order to see the issues and red tape and raise some Almarqlat in front of the implementation of the achievements which, The Council of Ministers adopted a series of resolutions to which they relate." .

Abadi said the military progress in the city of Mosul, saying that "our troops are fighting inside the right side of the city of Mosul and seized control of large revive it, and we know that the enemy Aldaasha trying to sign more civilian casualties, and all the formations of our forces moving boldly unrivaled for the Liberation of the ground."

He continued Abadi "our face last week beat Aldoaash in Abu Kamal Iraqi-Syrian and Qaim, were destroyed abilities booby trap and manufacture of explosives and kill as many Aldoaash, announced for the first time we contacted the Syrian government for approval on air strikes on Syrian territory, the fact that there are official government in Syria, and we want to be working properly in terms of the neighborhood and we got the approval of the Syrian government and we hit the targets were successful, so long our hand terrorists outside the country's borders. "

He stressed, "We Sentrd Daesh from Iraq and tell them Senlahakkm wherever you will be, and we have great confidence in Iraq's capabilities, and the strength on the ground is unmatched force in the region, and that the anti-terror apparatus of the strongest of the security services."

On the Iraqi - Saudi relations Abadi said that "the Saudi side offers a number of positive steps with Iraq was closing visiting Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir was talking to him about the mutual relations between the two countries with regard to the economic side."

He pointed out that "Saudi Arabia expressed their willingness to invest in Iraq, and we emphasize the pursuit of Baghdad to build relations with Riyadh on the basis of common interests, and we welcome the improvement of our relations with them, and we hope to open relations with everyone."

He called al-Abadi to "cooperate to stop the wars and conflicts in the region to prevent the return Daesh terrorist gangs", while the detection of "a plan to isolate the security forces from the political problems."

In one speech themes at the conference Abbadi said to have witnessed the University of Wasit day of protests when he visited her by saying that "the right of citizens to express themselves peacefully, and we are determined to protect the protesters," noting that "there are those who tried to create chaos in the university."

He urged to "keep universities from political conflict," stressing at the same time "not be allowed to delay the work of the government."