Dropping five drones and destroy nests and wheels bomb axes of the connector operations

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News dropped the security forces, Tuesday, 5 drones belonging to the terrorist gangs Daesh hubs in the city of Mosul editing operations.

According to a statement to the media war, the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, that "received pieces of federal police and rapid response ongoing process of disinfection of buildings and roads in the liberated areas in the neighborhood Jawasaq inspired by aviation and cleansing, and managed to blow up 25 explosive device killed a number of terrorists, and killed a sniper and the destruction and coriin Mfajgen and found six explosive belts and destroy the mortar Mffersta and two motorcycles, as well as the destruction of the warehouse for explosive belts and destroy the laboratory for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices and seizing a number of weapons and ammunition and the downing of two marches. "

He said, in the "axis of pieces Armored Division ninth Band Abbas combat, managed pieces of progress and clearing areas west coast right and managed to free the small Aldamarja village south of hand Badush 5 km and cleanse the villages and areas liberated from improvised explosive devices and handle bombs role, and continue the process of clearing Tlul thirsty and securing the Western forces to fight terrorism, "noting that the pieces" continuous progress and managed to destroy four wheels bomb and blow up 30 of an explosive device and killed 12 terrorists and destroy the mortar Mffersta and bridging the three tunnels in Tlul thirsty. "

The statement noted that "counter-terrorism forces embarked on the progress in several directions and was able to progress and break into the valley of stone and continue the process of cleansing and continue the process of disinfection of apartments safe, and still continued progress and managed to destroy five wheels bomb and two motorcycles, as well as the bombing of 30 of an explosive device and killed 40 terrorists and destroyed wheel bearing unilateral and destroying four mortar detachments and bring down the march of three planes carrying bombs. "

With regard to air support, were "securing air support advanced pieces and hit the targets in depth by the heroes of the Army Aviation and Air Force and Air Alliance International, where he managed the Champions army aviation secure {28} combat sorties and managed to kill 64 terrorists and destroy and Crane for terrorists and the destruction of two wheels bombs and two motorcycles and Mffersta mortar and Mffersta PKC as well as four different wheel types ".bhsp what is stated in the statement.

As "the security of the Champions Air Force four sorties combat on the right and Tal Afar coast, where he managed to kill a number of terrorists and destroy their equipment, while the flight international coalition managed to secure 40 combat sorties and 7 missions helicopter and 6 sorties of aircraft armed reconnaissance march where he managed to destroy nine mortar detachments

The wheel of a booby-trapped and destroyed two laboratories for making improvised explosive devices, and the destruction of three tunnels and the headquarters of the aircraft march and killed 35 terrorists and destroyed three stores of weapons and ammunition ".anthy