Salahuddin draw Najaf and Tehran to facilitate the return of 350 thousand displaced people

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Since the control of the government in the summer of 2014 on hand Amerli, located east of Tikrit, and the people of the province are asking one question, "Why Aaaud displaced people"?

The salads, which are still parts of it under the control of Daesh, has recorded a year earlier, the highest rate of return of displaced persons compared to the governorates liberated, but it fell to last place in the beginning of this year.

And it refers deputies and officials in Salahuddin to the existence of "the secret of the mysterious" behind prevent the return of some 350,000 internally displaced people to the thorny and mixed areas inhabited by different sectarian and ethnic components.

Some also alludes to the existence of higher powers of the government's decision to control the return of displaced people to the cities was edited two years ago, including the Iranian Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani.

He revealed Ahmed Karim, Chairman of the Board of Salahuddin province, the end of January last, for the approval of the Prime Minister on the request of the provincial council to re-displaced people of the liberated areas.

But this approval gone with the wind, according to local officials, a month after it without having achieved something.

The government has identified Salahuddin mid-February, the current deadline to meet the central government's obligations towards the displaced. But over two weeks now until the deadline, did not score any return of displaced people.

Subsequently, the Government of Salah al-Din decided to resort to the international community, to put pressure on Baghdad or on who was behind prevent the return of the displaced.

Stadium displaced

He says Shaalan Karim, MP Salah al-Din, told the (range) yesterday, the government and other political parties, security and manipulating them on the issue of the displaced, and that the arguments about the lack of return of displaced persons, "not convincing."

Spin more objections to the return of displaced persons on the fears of the existence of elements of Daesh may slip between residents returning to their areas. The local action has been taken a few months ago, in order to dispel these fears.

The tribal and local government, with the agreement of the parties in the popular crowd, to prepare a list of people banned from returning because of their affiliation to the organization, and who does not exceed the 1% proportion of the total population of the province. MP says Karim said the government in Baghdad says it needs to ask the security services in the areas where it is no longer displaced before deciding to allow them to return.

Broadman MP Salahuddin saying that "the security chiefs in the province confirms that the decision to re-displaced people, however, the popular crowd and not their hands."

There are 130 thousand displaced people have not returned to their areas in Baiji, and 50 thousand in terms of Yathrib, and 70 thousand others in terms of dear country, both located south of Samarra. Well there are about 90 thousand people have not returned to hand Sulaiman Bek, and the surrounding villages Bamrla east of Salaheddin.

He was a local official in the Solomon Beck had said (range), earlier, he said that "18 requirement has been placed by the Badr Corps, which liberated the city and based on protection against the return of the population."

Local official revealed that the most prominent of those conditions was that the tribes pledge not to the occurrence of any security breach in the town after the return of residents. Rejected those conditions at the time, because they were considered too sensitive responsibility, it can not be the one that involved approval. The elders hand Sulaiman Bek had prepared a list of 1,200 families, denied there was a security indicators on them, but they neglected afterwards.

The words of the popular crowd

He said Karim, MP for the National Bloc, headed by Iyad Allawi, said that "the popular crowd in Salahuddin denied that the decision to re-displaced people from among the powers."

He said the parliamentarian, "some parties of the crowd advised us to go to the reference, while other political views you said to go to Tehran if you want to re-displaced Flakm speak with Qassem Soleimani."

And formed Salahuddin and a delegation of officials and tribal dignitaries and delegations went to Najaf and the other to Tehran, and a third to the Iranian embassy in Baghdad.

Karim says, "they heard the words of all those good sides, but nothing has been done." And it asserts that "the local government and the province have decided after despaired of Baghdad to go to the international community and the internationalization of the issue of displaced persons."

And stipulates decisions Geneva, which was held two weeks ago and was boycotted by prominent Sunnis Conference, the need to re-displaced people.

Bounces loss Daesh

In addition to the displaced file, what Salahuddin continues to receive, two years ago, the repercussions of defeat Daesh for positions in the neighboring areas of the province.
But barely a week goes by without the organization waging violent attacks on sites in the provinces, particularly oil and Ajil Alas east of Tikrit fields.

The fighting on the fronts of those groups of people of areas, where every two shares with a weapon and one, half salary despite being Mnazavin in the ranks of the popular crowd.

Lyons says the mighty, the supervisor of the power of (the tremendous illiteracy) in a telephone conversation with (range) yesterday, said his troops repelled a strong attack two days to organize Daesh ago, was not the first and will not be the last.

The present regulation militants in areas surrounding the liberated areas in Salahuddin, especially in Hawija fact to the north-east of the province.

He says the mighty, who leads the 1,000 armed men east of Tikrit, said the latest attack was carried out by infiltrators from Hawija, revealing the deaths of four of its elements and the wounding of another. But he stresses that his troops morale high for Daesh will not allow a return to the liberated areas.

The latest attack began at ten o'clock on Sunday evening last, and continued until the third hour of dawn the next day.

We say we have the mighty alone repelled the attack despite the fact that half of our troops do not have a weapon does not receive salaries. And confirms the leadership of the clan that his forces receive salaries and weapons of the body the popular crowd, but he says that "all of the crowds in Salahuddin suffer the same problem."

The east of Tikrit regions have suffered during the past two years to more than 200 gunmen attacked Daesh. And holed the organization in difficult terrain between the Hamrin Mountains, extends for a distance of 100 km Nahud. And linking these areas between Salahuddin and Diyala, particularly in the village (Mtaibijh), which turned into a guest house for militants regulation.

The results of a comfortable move provided the complex geographical nature of the insurgency there, the frequent attacks on the Elimination round, east of Tikrit, and the liquidation of the entire family in the district of Baiji, a few days ago.

3, with the infiltration of suicide bombers into the farm area, south of Baiji, and one of the gunmen blew himself up in the house of Sheikh Munther Namrawi, killing three women and two men. Another suicide bomber also attacked a police car parked at the scene, while the third fled to an unknown destination. And managed security forces last week, killing three gunmen who attacked the southern city of Tikrit hand ISHAQI.

It is believed the mighty officials and analysts that the province "will not calm unless Hawija is released, and the other half from spending Sharqat."