Iraq confirms the continued dollar selling across its branches in accordance with legal regulations

Views 63 Date 28/02/2017 - 19:40

Economy News / Baghdad ...

Rafidain Bank said on Tuesday that selling the dollar for the citizens in some of its branches in Baghdad and the provinces process will be in accordance with legal regulations that have been established, noting that the sale process is going smoothly.

Press office of the bank said in a statement received "Economy News", continuing the bank sold the dollar to beneficiaries in a number of its branches in Baghdad and the provinces and branches are (Arab neighborhood - General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers - Kadhimiya - the role of the officers - Azwaip - Paradise Square - the Ministry of Defence - the Righteous - Palestine Street - Mustansir - KUT - death - Qadisiya - Babylon - Prince - Abbas neighborhood - Muthanna - Basra - Architecture - ur - Kirkuk).

The statement added that the bank fired selling the dollar rose to $ 3000 per person compared to 1200 dinars per dollar and the right of any citizen of purchase and benefit from the price difference for the overall market

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