Feasibility planning

2/28/2017 0:00

Hussein Tgb
Adopt sound economic direction that would meet the targets set for the development of production and service sectors.

Veduat positive trend is proper planning , which is the most important pillars of the overall economic construction, which enables it to achieve great successes of projects Iraq strategy in dire need of them.

Proper planning is the most important topics is chock large strategic projects that carry broad economic feasibility in the country has the potential to build an influential economy in the region and the world, where it requires comprehensive planning for all sectors matched planning includes human resources of all categories of age. Building a strong economy requires a stand at the actual need for each sector and work on the study of the extent of the ability to achieve development through precise plans can be carried out on the reality of the situation, as well as planning to create a developed banking sector is able to provide advanced products that meet the evolving needs global effort.

New trends need to walk directions several most important of which bring life to the Centers for specialized agricultural research , seed production and the adoption of productivity advanced seeds of high technology for the development of agricultural production , which is the oil always, as well as the development of livestock production through the transfer of international experiences achieved significant economic feasibility and thereby achieve a gradual development in this economic detailed important.

And as long as we understand the importance of planning we must be our competencies at a high level in this field and that they can be the development of our competencies in the best specialized in this regard world centers, especially that this area has seen great development during the period of Iraq 's interruption from the outside world, and to build bridges of cooperation with the advanced centers need urgent at this time.

It makes no sense that we seek to achieve sustainable development based on traditional planning methods older decades without updating, where he became the world depends new mechanisms in the stages of construction and business shorten the time and effort and we must keep pace with these developments.

And the need to have had planning capacity building, according to the world is witnessing developments it is done joint cooperation with international centers, which would prefer to have the ability to set up branches in Iraq to enable local competencies receive best fast courses in the world in Iraq and that makes them close to experience international.