Calendar import to activate production

2/28/2017 0:00

In line with the government's decision to prevent the import of what can be manufactured locally

BAGHDAD / Mustafa al-Hashemi
After the government decided to ban the import of what can be manufactured or industry inside Iraq it has become necessary - according to specialists in economic affairs - a calendar of the inventory of prohibited materials from import in coordination and cooperation with the authorities and sectoral ministries on the one hand and the Ministry of Commerce, on the other hand, as the donor of the cheap import mode.

The government 's economic committee announced last week its decision to ban the import or what can be produced locally in a move designed to repair the economic process and the reduction of import gratuitous in order to support the productive capacity of all local factories, public and private.

In this regard , he saw the economic academic d. Majid Baidhani that time is right now to start a new stage devoted to activate the productive sectors, especially after the recent decision by the government last week.

He Baidhani in an interview for the "morning" it is necessary to do the sectoral ministries concerned to coordinate and accelerate the development of calendar import , similar to what I did and the Ministry of Agriculture, adding that it opened the way again for agricultural production national to enter the market after it was invade fruits and vegetables are imported.

He pointed to the need to tread the Ministry of Industry and Minerals step the Ministry of Agriculture , because it involved the majority of industry production and materials needed by the market, as well as it is able to fill a large part of the need to import.

Earlier statistics of the Ministry of Planning said at the time that the number of workers within the internal trade sector in Iraq had reached a million people, and those who work in the retail make up 71.4 percent of them.

In turn drew economic researcher verse just to the importance of developing an integrated studies on the need of the market compared to imported industrial and productive capabilities of the Ministry of Industry , including would create a state of equilibrium in the balance of trade.

Adel said in an interview with "morning" that the General Company for Trade and Commercial Services Division of the Ministry of Commerce can provide statistical materials imported by Iraq through import licenses granted by the traders during the previous years, noting that it is also able to draw the policy of import - defined through coordination with ministries and sectoral specialization.

The Ministry of Commerce announced the start of the actual work vacations under import on the first of July of 2012.

Just confirmed the possibility of Iraq to achieve self - sufficiency since he has of the elements of geographical location and network rail and road link between the South and the provincial ports successful economy.

The committee of the Ministries of Planning and Economic Affairs, Oil, Finance, Industry and Minerals, and the Central Bank of the National Authority for Investment and Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister, decided to "oblige the Ministry of Health to buy all of their medications and medical supplies of the General Company for the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies - according to the report statement of the Ministry of planning in Hanhs.

The statement pointed to oblige the Ministry of Finance not to finance any contract for the import of materials or equipment manufactured abroad , whether manufactured inside Iraq, as well as the General Company for construction Industries creation of laboratories for the production of pipes, as the Ministry of Electricity Commission has committed to purchase all of their company Diyala and Ur public. "

" I was at the meeting discussed a number of topics and files and took many of the same economic and financial decisions that will move the wheel of the Iraqi economy has been directed Ministries (Planning and Industry and Minerals and internal) on the prevention of the entry pipe Plastic Products objectionable Iraqi specifications multiple."