Parliamentary Finance explain to [where] the final decision salaries of MPs
[Oan- Baghdad] the
parliamentary finance committee he explained the recent decision on the salaries of members of the House of Representatives and the news of an increase in them
The committee member said Sarhan , Ahmad told all of Iraq [where], there is no increase in the salaries of MPs and raised them recently is a misconception and what happened is the settlement of the salaries of members of the House of Representatives in a resolution 333 which gives increased campaign certificates of Representatives
There were protests from some lawmakers on the disparity in salaries and awarded on the basis of certificates of study
Between Ahmed, he said that the Attorney elected not on the basis of academic certificate but on the basis of the region where they live and how efficient this person over the defense of the residents of his district he said . "As lawmakers , who hold advanced degrees do not practice their job as they are the owners of talent and this just in universities , either in the House of Representatives, the only nominee to carry the least of junior certificate as a condition for candidacy to the parliament. "
He pointed out that the final decision is not an increase in salaries but the achievement of equality of salaries and there are deputies from holding advanced degrees from the master's and doctoral degrees were paid higher than junior high bachelor's degree holders ' salaries and thus been achieved equality in terms of salaries, but not retroactively He denied member of the Finance Parliamentary there is no increase in salaries but there has been distributing another new salaries including no effect on the state budget asserting that all become equal adding that " the salary of a member of the House of Representatives not to exceed five million dinars
The Speaker of Parliament, Saleem al - Jubouri said at the parliamentary session today, said that the House of Representatives under false campaign to curb its oversight role especially as regards the issue of increasing the nominal salary of the deputies and the legislative