Pentagon Trump delivers a new plan "intense" to destroy Daesh

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{International: Euphrates News} referred the Pentagon, Monday, a special plan to eliminate the intensive Daesh terrorist gangs, to American President Donald Trump.

According to US sources, he said that "suggestions the US Department of Defense, including military, diplomatic and financial procedures, is expected to begin her research in the White House meeting."

A source in the US Department of Defense, said a former time, the Pentagon has deployed a combat patrol forces in Syria for the first time, during the campaign against Daesh.

The US president, signed on January 28 last, the US government is required to develop a plan within 30 days to eliminate Daesh.

She said media reports that Trump instructed US Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, {}, to prepare a plan of action may include the deployment of a US artillery in the Syrian territory, or launch attacks using combat helicopters to support the US ground attack on the stronghold Daesh in the city of Raqqa.

The Trump Mrara- during his election campaign and after he took office as president in December II 20 that he had a "secret plan" to confront "Daesh", but vowed to give military commanders a month to provide new options for the fight against terrorism in the Middle East.

Possible options are referred to by the US media, expanding the use of US special operations forces, and increase the number of US military personnel deployed in Iraq and Syria, as well as granting the Pentagon and field commanders additional powers to speed up the decision-making process.

Limited US operations in Syria, which take place without the consent of the government of Damascus, on air strikes to Daesh seed sites of terrorism at a global level and to train local forces to fight the armed men, but the reports came from Syria in the past and talked about the US military in combat actions against "Daesh Post "area of ​​the city of Raqqa, in the ranks of the" democratic forces of Syria ".anthy