People crowd: liberated 113 square kilometers in the vicinity of Tal Afar

02/27/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 77 - Issue (3863)

Baghdad / term

Authority announced the popular crowd, on Sunday, the first phase of the sixth page of the popular crowd operations west and east of Tal Afar.

Said Ahmed al-Asadi, a spokesman for the Authority the popular crowd, in a statement received (range) a copy of yesterday, about the results of the first phase of the western and eastern Afar operations, said that "the harvest first phase of operations of the page politicians for a period of 22 up to February 25, 2017, has the participation of several brigades 2 is Major General, Maj. Gen. 10, 11 brigade, 17 brigade, 40 brigade, 41 brigade, 43 brigade, 45 brigade, 53 brigade of supporting the Iraqi army aviation. "

He said al-Asadi said the "liberated area of ​​113 km 2 with a total of 12 villages liberated, and killed 207 members of the Daesh, blowing up 36 car bomb and destroy 21 mechanism carrying fighters, as well as three drones," pointing out that "the Security Directorate crowd freed 1,200 civilians from the grip of Daesh criminal ".

He continued, spokesman for the crowd that "the popular crowd free villages in the northern Sharia appointed Talaoa South lesson and a waste Jehah Tel gravel mother fishery, olive and Azizia and a lesson pig and a lesson carpenter big lesson lesson Minor and Central lesson, as well as edit and gas station on Tal Afar and Sinjar Street."

The crowd forces had fired on Wednesday for the first phase of the sixth page for the Liberation of Western and Eastern regions of Afar, which achieved its goals to cut off supply routes Daesh between the right side of the connector and the areas east of Tal Afar operations.

In a related context, artillery shelled the popular crowd, a gathering of militants Daesh west of Tal Afar, had intended exposure to pieces of the crowd. Furthermore, the popular crowd forces dismantled more than 45 houses were mined in the east and west of Tal Afar.