Objections and tribal conflicts of laws hinder the 150 investment opportunity in Dhi Qar

02/27/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 151 - Issue (3863)

Dhi Qar / Hussein factor

Not only did the tribal armed conflict that fall causing many casualties, both members of these tribes, or from the general public, but took a threatening investment projects in Dhi Qar province, which caused delays in the implementation of dozens of them, so called for the governor of Dhi Qar Yahia Nasseri, to take exceptional measures to deal with red tape and administrative obstacles that hinder the work of investors, while the raised investment to maintain body investment opportunities in various economic sectors, unexpected availability of thousands of temporary and fixed jobs, also drew economists to be the most prominent obstacles to investment in the province, conflicts of laws Circuits old government ministries with the new investment law, making investors reluctant to hire their investment projects.

Announced Thi-Qar Investment Authority last Wednesday, it announced the launch of 150 investment opportunities in various industrial, agricultural, commercial and tourist sectors, expected that thousands of temporary jobs and provide fixed in the case has been invested.

He says the governor of Dhi Qar Yahia Nasseri, said that the administration of Dhi Qar, hopes to handle the investment, the current economic problems, and to be supportive of the economy of the province, which enjoys stable security is good, calling on: the need to make up for funding shortfalls faced by the country, as a result of the financial crisis caused by falling oil prices.

He adds the Nazarene in an interview (term) that the success of the investment activity, requires availability of basic requirements, including finding a modern banking system in line with the work of the investment companies and the movement of international capital. However, he noted: It also requires activation of the new investment law in order to facilitate the work of investors and overcome administrative routine and this and other matters requiring exceptional measures and decisions of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.

And confirms the conservative investment sector's ability to support the country's economy, as if he had the proper climate for the work of investors, support way: that Iraq has the basic physical ingredient to the success of the work of investors, large investment and job opportunities in all vital economic sectors.

For his part, the Director of the window shows the section of the one in Thi-Qar Investment military Tahir Ahmad is boring, that the number of currently stated in the pan Dhi Qar investment opportunities of 150 investment opportunity in housing, agriculture, industry, education, health, trade, tourism and other sectors.

Military draws in an interview (range), to be the main obstacles to investment are objections tribal and poor districts and the owners of the lands cooperation in granting approvals for the investor, noting at the same time that the housing projects usually provide temporary jobs for two to three years for projects industrial and commercial that will provide a permanent and stable jobs.

For his part, asserts economist Sam Taher, of the leading obstacles to investment in the province of Dhi Qar, is the conflict of the old laws that are still valid government departments and ministries with the new investment law, which made investors reluctant to hire their investment projects.

Sees Tahir in an interview (term) that approvals for the investment project requires the approval of 16 ministries and official circle, which made investors averse to such measures, he said, adding also that the administrative red tape and objections clan and the security situation is stable and the lack of investor confidence in government institutions and laws changing is the other big obstacles ".

It is noteworthy Taher: The real investment in the province has not yet begun, because these administrative complications and red tape, especially that what was referred from investment projects continue to face a number of obstacles has not been completed within the time limit specified them, especially housing projects. "Noting: The Investment Authority is seeking to attract foreign investment, but at the same time, unable to convince local investors to enter into the investment market in the governorate.

Citizens criticized the weak financial capacity of investors and the reluctance of local government to secure the services required for investment projects of housing, which prevented the completion of housing projects and investment they can serve the citizen in Dhi Qar, where confirms domicile supporter Abdul Razak Eid, one of the beneficiaries of the project ziggurat investment.

Pro Abdul Razzaq Eid says in an interview (range), has provided for a residential house in the ziggurat investment compound, but now stalled as a result of disagreements between the local government and the investor, the provision of municipal services, water and electricity, and paving roads. Wondering: Landry when it will be resolved these differences and the guilt of a citizen who paid the money with difficulty in order to get the house harbored and his family, he explained that the province of Dhi Qar, had not yet seen the completion and opening of the real investment project despite the announcement of the granting of licenses for 36 investment projects in the province since more than seven years, and that most of the investment projects in the field of housing and parked them ziggurat residential complex project.

Shows Mohammed Hussein Majeed, there are housing projects over the direct implemented more than five years, and the other over two and a half year ahead of schedule, to hand over the role of the applicants them, and I'm one of them, he said, adding that the delivery date, according to the contract was selected two years starting from the payment first installment of the House, stressing: that the lag in the completion of investment projects within the time limit specified her, make citizens lose confidence in the investment projects not initiated into custody in the house or apartment, which is certainly unchanged if service projects that we hear on their implementation in the province, but we do not see something on the ground.

The Thi-Qar Investment Commission has granted 36 investment license in all investment sectors, including licenses for 17 investment projects in the housing sector, it is expected to provide 15 thousand new housing units when completed.