A crowd of Kirkuk, Hawija likely starting liberation battles within a month

02/27/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 145 - Issue (3863)

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Leaders suggested in a crowd of Hawija, Sunday, starting edit eliminating operations early next April, while the central government has demanded to expedite the processing of armed elements to ensure their participation.

A spokesman for the Liberation of Hawija force, Hatem Orontes, in an interview with the (range), that "Kirkuk Volunteers are one of the first volunteers in the crowd after the June events and it was hoped that the liberation of Hawija before any city but remained in the Hamrin heights never being able to work on the editing Ansyaka with military orders, which delayed the start of that process so far. "

He called the Orontes, to "arm the Volunteers areas south of Kirkuk and west who have more than the official 1250 fighters, which spreads mostly in the slot area and the limits of science and the mountains of Hamrin and the outskirts spend the role and laboratory plaster," pointing to "the presence of more than three thousand volunteers extra ready if accepted and secure financial dues. "

He favored the Orontes, that "start editing Hawija operations, beginning next April," adding that "the fight against terrorism and the Peshmerga and the popular crowd and the sons of Hawija federal police forces in coordination with the security committee in Kirkuk province will participate in the processes of liberalization."

In another context, a spokesman Guo edit Hawija, he said that "the Hawija police, which includes more than 800 fighters were trained a few months ago by the Italian police in the framework of cooperation with the Ministry of Interior in Baghdad airport."

In turn, a Khurshid said, a leader of another in a crowd of Hawija, (range), "The crowd Hawija owns seven regiments, and armament they have received by the Department of Defense, does not meet battlefield requirements, as well as being quite a bit, which led us to buy some weapons, depending on the crowd own prose. "

He explained that "the weapons we have received is a 30 pieces of weapons of PKC and 500 pieces Other type type Kalashnikov", criticizing "the central government and the popular crowd in Baghdad not to arm the regiments of Hawija."

In turn, the head of the Arab group in the Kirkuk Provincial Council, Burhan Orontes, "commander of the armed forces and the popular crowd Commission and the ministries of interior and defense to arm the fighters well and transfer of Hamrin Heights to the outskirts of Kirkuk in order to contribute directly to the processes of liberalization" called.

However, proof-Assi, saying that "our mission at the present time to the concerned authorities that we do not accept liberalization shaky Hawija allows for the survival of the pockets Daesh, because the elimination of zones a very wide area in the absence of progress comprehensive liberalization will continue to elements of terrorist organizations threatening other regions of Kirkuk and its neighboring provinces."

This comes in conjunction with, the escape of 313 displaced people from the district of Hawija, according to that, according to a security source in the Peshmerga forces, the newspaper (range).

The source said that "the Peshmerga forces, received on Sunday evening 0.313 civilians were on the run from the control Daesh areas, in Hawija and Alnwage spend its subsidiaries," noting that "the majority of fleeing women and infants quartered in the security headquarters south of the province."

The source, who asked not to be named, said: "the situation of the fugitives from the control areas in the province Daesh embarrassing."

In a related context, the source pointed out that "the Kurdish security forces (Asayish) managed to arrest 25 people suspected of having ties to al Daesh, during Nglglhm among displaced families to areas under government control in the province."