Maysan Oil: Using technology in the extraction is the first of its kind in Iraq

27/02/2017 01:16 | Number of Views: 513

Direction Press / follow-up

Maysan Oil Company has announced the use of advanced technology in one of its wells in the Halfaya field is the first of its kind at the level of Iraq.

The general director of the company's engineer Adnan Nochi in an interview: "The implementation of hydraulic Crusted technology in the well Hlvaip (55N) within the Halfaya field by Oil Service Company to raise production rates in the well, noting that the hydraulic fracturing process is the most advanced processes that are used to address the producing classes which suffer from a lack of permeability and summed up this technology breaks down the reservoir rocks and the creation of long cracks in the reservoir to be filled sand plant specifically for this purpose.

The Director General of Missan Oil Company to use this technique in the well Hlvaip (55N) Increase of well production more than 35 times than it was prior to the well production process.