Ktlta al-Maliki and al-Sadr exchanged accusations of "corruption"

Anmar Journal February 27, 2017

Baghdad Journal News

The exchange of a coalition of state law, led by the Vice President of the Republic, "Nuri al-Maliki" and the Sadr movement, the charges in Shan corrupted files punish the former governor and current (the article).

He denied the Baghdad Provincial Council member Monday, "retrieve money Saqr Baghdad to the province," and accused the governor and embezzling company money and hide it. "

He said logistical told the "Journal News" that "the Director of Audit in Baghdad province did not receive information from the company responsible for collecting the money the company did not open her account mainly in the province."

"The system Saqr Baghdad worked for one day and has been disabled by taking advantage views." He also denied "the return of the money that was collected from the citizens of the province," accusing "responsible company hid the money."

The source of the Baghdad Provincial Council, said for "Journal News" that the money Saqr Baghdad held by the Council, referring to Baghdad to stop the Falcon project.

While the accused member of the provincial council (the Sadrists) "Jsoomh merciful" in a statement the agency Journal News "Integrity Committee" Baltzeys and cover up the corruption cases concerning the former Governor of Baghdad Salah Abdul-Razzaq ". She said, Monday," that "the Integrity Commission, revealing and turn a blind eye many of the files of corruption involved the former Baghdad Governor Salah Abdul Razzaq. " And that "resorting to the media and talk to him about those files comes after the inability of the Commission on Public Integrity in Accounting muggers."

And mutual accusations came after the sacking of the governor of Baghdad, a simple majority after interrogation in Shan You confirms members of the coalition of state law that the taint of corruption, mostly.