Finance Minister stresses activate and check the tax and customs and the fight against corruption

History of edits:: 2.27.2017 12:29

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The Minister of Finance Agency, Abdul Razzaq al-Issa, the importance of activating and auditing tax files and the customs and the fight against corruption.

According to a statement of the Ministry and Euphrates News Agency {} it received a copy of it, that "the Minister of Finance Agency Essa Abdul Razak discussed with a delegation from the Parliamentary Finance Committee non - oil revenues file and the fight against corruption."

The meeting agreed , according to the statement " the need to increase the ceiling of non - oil revenues of the state they constitute an important financial weight would reduce the deficit in the federal budget gap and reduces the area of the current crisis."

The new al - Issa , "the Ministry of Finance 's commitment to the fight against all aspects of corruption that messing state revenues, especially non - oil ones , " stressing " the importance of activating and audit the tax and customs Files".

On his part , the Finance Committee Parliamentary delegation headed by Chairman of the Committee Mohammed Halbusi hope " to put an urgent procedural steps to adjust the financial details of the state in order to face the economic consequences imposed by the financial crisis , which" .anthy