Oil moving to explore the reservoir border with neighboring countries

33 minutes ago

Twilight News / instructed Oil Minister Ali Jabbar Hussein Allaibi on Monday the need to work to increase the gas-oil reserves of Iraq by conducting studies and seismic surveys for exploratory patches in the Iraqi territory and territorial waters.

This came during his attendance at the seminar hosted by oil exploration company and was attended by the president and members of the parliamentary energy commission, according to a ministry statement reported for Twilight News.

He stressed Allaibi "the need to focus on exploratory studies for the fields and oil reservoirs border with the neighboring countries to determine the overall estimates for these fields for Iraq, as well as the large interest in exploration projects for the fields of gas to increase Iraq's reserves of gas rates, which Iraq possesses huge quantities of it."

And the Minister of oil and oil exploration company to "the importance of territorial waters out to determine the hydrocarbon reserves and to enhance the ability of Iraq's economic and Mkalnth regionally and internationally."

Meanwhile, the Director General Karim Hattab explorations oil company a review of the company's work and activities carried out by the seven teams seismic patches exploration in central and southern regions of Iraq, noting that the company got the international quality certifications "ISO" for its commitment to standards and techniques and technical according to international standards.

He noted that the company uses at present the latest artistic techniques in conducting seismic surveys through triangular scanning and two-dimensional systems.

He added that the actions taken by the company in Basra, Missan, Samawa and Nasiriya which added huge amounts of inventories Alhaadrokarbone especially in the "Dima and Sinbad and Laredo and Fayhaa" fields, and future plans for the company aims to boost its activities outside the country.