Albjara for "Economy News:" We will host Chairman of the National Investment Commission against the backdrop of record violations in the project Basmaja

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Economy News / Baghdad ...

Confirmed member of the Committee of Economy and Investment to respond by Najib as they seek to host the President of the National Investment Commission, Sami al-Araji, against the backdrop of record breaches in Basmaja project.

She said Najib in an interview for "Economy News," that there is a complaint filed by a number of citizens to the Committee on the economy and investment representative and the impact will be directed parliamentary questions to the head of the investment and the economy, Sami al-Araji, to inquire about the irregularities in the contract Basmajh project.

Najib indicated that the project Basmaja of important projects, adding a big thing on the housing sector will be resolved and it is certainly a large part of the housing crisis and the Committee of Economy supports this project with full force as being of high profile projects, but this does not prevent the accurate control Bhlk.