The world is witnessing a rare astronomical phenomenon this year
February 26, 2017

Journal News The world is witnessing an astronomical phenomenon, are among the most beautiful phenomena during 2017, an annular eclipse of the sun, the timing coincides with the month of Shaban. that According to a scientific report noted that the annular solar can be seen in the form of an annular eclipse in the Pacific Ocean, Chile, Argentina and the Atlantic Ocean eclipse, and at the height of the annular eclipse will cover the disk of the moon 99.22% of the disk of the sun.

And that the maximum duration of annular eclipse takes 44.1 seconds, and can be seen in the form of a partial eclipse in the southern South America and the Atlantic Ocean and the South-West Africa, the South Pacific and South Atlantic and Antarctica.

It should be noted that the time it takes to eclipse the beginning of the first partial phase of it and up to the second partial phase, is 5 hours and 25 minutes and 24 seconds, and can not be seen in Egypt or in the Arab region.

As seen in Iraq can not be Arab and our areas because of the sunset and the time difference, as the peak occurring at six o'clock pm Ptoukatna therefore can not see it, but it shows areas in the southern half of the globe and areas of South America and the Atlantic Ocean.