A source at the Federal Police, on Sunday, for the control of security forces on the largest oil smuggling points to Daesh Mosul, and to impose control on the entrance of the fourth bridge that connects the left and right coasts of the city.

Said Capt beauty cream to correspondence (Basenyoz) that: "The security forces have gained control of the Aharakiet area, which is the largest Daesh points for the smuggling of oil from the south to Mosul areas outside the city."

He added that security forces seized control of the entire region following violent clashes which killed about 16 Daashaa, as well as the injury of others. "

He pointed out that: "anti-terrorism forces took control of the entrance to the fourth bridge from the south bank of the connector, which connects the left and right coasts."

Iraqi forces continue to edit the western part of the city of Mosul, the process of penetrating a gradual and orderly in various neighborhoods and housing complexes in the face of Sunni Islamist al Daesh.

With the intensification of fighting between the two sides Civilians continue to flee from their homes and flee to safer areas. Which oversees anti-terrorism device to help these people and get them to safety, where the reception was held in the camps for the displaced.

General Abdel-Wahab al-Saadi said the Iraqi commander of the anti-terror apparatus that "there is a process of displacement of civilians, especially in the safe neighborhood of Tel pomegranate and Tel Al-Rayyan, and be evacuated via the safe passage towards the background areas to move them around the refugee camps."

And amid concerns over the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in areas west of Mosul, one of the displaced, said Dinh, speaking for Daesh right militants practices, that they made them as human shields four months ago As the troops and put them in front with their families and their wives, and they left their property.

The United Nations estimates the number of civilians in the western neighborhoods of the second Iraqi cities by about 750 thousand people, warning that 400 thousand of them may be displaced by the fighting and aerial bombardment.