COR discusses its elections law tomorrow
BAGHDAD / morning
the House of Representatives resumes on Monday, held its usual after closing yesterday the second reading of two bills and postponing read another, and set a date to question the head of the media and Alatsalat.ozkr statement of the Department of the media in the Council, on Saturday, " The parliament ended its thirteenth regular which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al - Jubouri , and the presence of 232 deputies on Saturday to complete reading the
second of two bills. "
At the outset of the meeting Attorney Mazen Mezni read out a statement on the death of a constellation of soldiers in Trebil area targeting them with mortars by terrorist Daesh gangs, indicating that the blood of the Iraqi soldiers from the provinces of Basra, Nasiriyah, Amarah and Najaf , which shed in Anbar province , has been submitted for the redemption of Otun.obhsp statement, the "House Speaker stressed that all interrogations will be conducted of the masters of the respondents according to three timings will be decided on Monday not forgetting the importance of questioning and the priority of the Attorney applicant interrogation in coordination with the representative of the government , " noting that "day 9 - the next 3 will see the questioning of the chief of operation media and communications , "President al - Jubouri .ofatt that the council will adopt the opinion of the relevant committee with all requests for commissions investigative to being presented to the House of Representatives in order to name members of committees , whether investigative or auditing, calling on the relevant committees to hand over the presidency of the Council is in store from the results. He noted Jubouri that the presidency of the Council will follow up the basic legislation for a vote in the chapter of the current legislative and notably the justice and accountability and the Federal Court , financial resources and other laws, and urged the relevant committees to continue their work in a responsible manner for the purpose of presenting projects and proposals Almanmh.oorteurt laws of the presidency to postpone the vote on the draft of the first amendment Law law property claims Commission No. 13 of 2010 on that Sunday is a meeting of the heads of the committees and parliamentary blocs in al - Jubouri Office to reach a compromise version of the draft law to be presented to the meeting tomorrow's agenda , whether it was agreed from Admh.oaalnt presidency of the Council throughout the first reading of the draft election law the House of Representatives submitted by the legal Committee at the request of the relevant committee for the purpose of review and presentation to the agenda of the Council tomorrow Alatnin.ootm Council discussion of the draft provincial elections law, districts submitted by the legal committees and the regions and governorates not organized in. As the province Council postponed reading the report and discussion of the proposed amendment Bill second Law of the independent high Electoral Commission No. 11 of 2007 to the session Algd.kzlk council finished reading the report and discussion of the proposed operation of higher education and provided financial and Higher Education Committees and the search Alalma.otkdm well as members of the Council Act, a package of invitations and suggestions on the operation of higher education law, as the Committee on responded to these interventions, stressing at the same time take advantage of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives proposals for browning the proposed law to ensure finding jobs for university graduates campaign.