Rasheed develop a plan to open branches in the liberated areas


Economy News / Baghdad ...

Rasheed Bank, announced Sunday, all put a plan to open branches in the liberated areas, in addition to the rehabilitation of other branches in Baghdad and the provinces.

The bank said in a statement that "the economy News" received a copy of "The Director General of the Rasheed Bank Rashad Khudair a single face of the rehabilitation of bank branches in Baghdad and the provinces," he said, adding, "it was the completion of the rehabilitation of 12 banks in Baghdad as a first stage, and in line with the reputation and the location of the bank ".

He added that the bank "will be the introduction of modern, advanced to provide the best services and the inclusion of all branches rehabilitation techniques to be fit for customers."

He stressed that "the bank promising preparing to reopen its branches in the liberated provinces, noting that" it is in line with the reforms announced by the government. "