Customs announces financial Theseladtha total for the month of January 2017

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Economy News / Baghdad ...

General Authority for the Iraqi Customs announced that the total financial Theseladtha for the month of January / 2017, which amounted to a total of (- / 68644645505) dinars sixty-eight billion six hundred and forty-four million six hundred and forty five thousand five hundred and five Iraqi dinars).

According to the Authority in a statement received "Economy News", a copy of Statistics showed that the same month last year, revenue (January / 2016) was (- / 19602460774) dinars (nineteen billion six hundred and two million, four hundred and sixty thousand and seven hundred and seventy-four dinars ) and it achieved an increase in total revenue for the month of January / 2017 by (- / 49042184731) dinars (forty-nine billion, forty-two million, four hundred and eighty thousand seven hundred and thirty-one dinars).