British Ambassador: are sure of the ability of Iraqi forces to liberate the entire territory

2/26/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / Shaima Rashid
new British ambassador to Iraq , Frank Baker, his country 's full support for the Iraqi government in its war against "Daesh" terrorist gangs, praising at the same time on the role of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and security forces in this aspect.

As stressed the importance of restoring the country to its natural status and its position regionally and internationally, he explained that it would take action on the political and economic levels in parallel.

A tribute to the ability of Iraqi forces, said Baker in the interview with the "morning" dialogue, " The efforts made by the different forms on the ground of the Iraqi security forces, have had great merit in the liberation of areas of the gangs" Daesh "terrorist, and that the role of the international coalition (which was applied from the Iraqi government) was limited to air support and train Iraqi forces. "

"The United Kingdom has always believed in the ability of Iraqi security forces to liberate all the territories that were under the influence of the terror Daesh, which is today (UK) also believes in the possibility and the valor of those forces to complete editing the rest of Mosul , " noting that " the idea the most important in edit areas not eliminate terrorism in all, but to preserve the lives of civilians .. and here it was the Iraqi government and its president , Haydar al - Abadi clear and significant role by emphasizing repeatedly to protect the lives of civilians and spare them the horrors of war. "

Unite efforts

at the level of the tasks and priorities for the post - eradication of «Daesh», the British ambassador «that this phase will be a special administration Iraqis alone, it is imperative to eliminate all the consequences left by the terrorist organization, which has been overshadowed by the more than one side .. and here is the need to work in earnest on investment awareness and patriotism and harmony among the Iraqi society, can get the best results. »

He said «as well as progress .. Van politically and economically to work and re - position the country to normal regionally and internationally, and fix bugs points perpetuation of dialogue and understanding between all the components of the language, that will address many of the relics left by the extremist organization», adding that «Iraq has a history fantastic .. and for many years was a source of strength in the region and there is no reason why the return of Iraqis to what they were if they unite with each other ».

He noted that the "post - elimination of Daesh could see security breaches and attempted terror, destabilization in some regions of the country, but the uniformity of Iraqis with some of them will exceed that stage, especially the Iraqis, and by virtue of the survival of some of them under the control of Daesh for more than two and a half, they experience and they have a reaction about the re - organization of the terrorist. "

"In the post - Daesh, we will sit down with the Iraqis to determine the position of the international coalition and the United Kingdom to study cooperation and work closely on the long - term with Iraq , " adding that " the UK will be supportive of Iraq if requested by the Iraqi government as the vision of the United Kingdom to Iraq different from other countries, she stood next to him in his war with Daesh not to control Iraq or to control it .. but because Iraq is worth it. "

Provide support

and on the Kingdom 's support for the Iraqi government, Baker pointed out that « the volume level of the bilateral relations between the two countries beyond the political, economic and security frameworks .. and beyond that to the rest of the aspects and at the international level, in the economic side , not only to support the Kingdom to provide aid to the Iraqi government, but provided many in urging the international community to participate in further cooperation with Iraq and the holding of conferences and to provide grants and loans, as the British government has provided loans to the Iraqi government to help them overcome the economic crisis. »

He continued , "as well as the economic side, helped the UK on the side of education, as the British Council has been working closely with the Ministries of Education and Higher Education Aerakitin to provide courses for the languages English, and also supported the health system by helping British companies in the rehabilitation and development of the Iraqi hospitals managed true .. as well as providing fellowships for Iraqi doctors in Britain 's cities, as well as in side effects, which have been trained Iraqi scientists on how to maintain the effects of the sites that were destroyed by the "Daesh" terrorist gangs ".


With regard to the reconstruction of liberated areas, the British ambassador said that his «his country would be willing to set up a conference to support Iraq 's reconstruction and provide assistance and support».

He »We will be more than happy to take care of such conferences and call her, but it is best to set up such forums on the land of Iraq after the end of Daesh and stabilize the situation to restore power to Iraq, but it touches the international community effects of victory and the ability of the Iraqis to make a new future into their own hands».

And "The ideal way to rebuild a liberated cities come through the support of the private sector to be Sanda Iraqi economy .. and involvement in building infrastructure properly and decent," adding that " the main idea is not in the advent of the international community to rebuild Iraq 's cities .. because Iraq It possesses the competencies and capabilities and sincerity enough .. but that Iraq needed to get international loans and conferences that help to attract companies to rebuild what has been destroyed. "

" The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi was able to lead the country well, and approve the budget correctly and was able to fight the terrorist organizations and taking them out of the cities it has occupied."

Baker referred to the fight against corruption, and provide the perpetrators with the judiciary, saying: "Corruption is not less dangerous than terrorism, which is a big problem in Iraq, so it must be dealt with to derail corrupt political system, and the government has to make sure that these people will be brought to justice," He is stressing "that the Iraqi government can deal with the issue of corruption and eliminate it."

With regard to facilitating the entry of Iraqis into the United Kingdom, the ambassador said that "Britain from countries that welcome the presence of Iraqis on its soil, and the evidence is the existence of many Iraqi cities in Britain to work, study and tourism."

He noted that "entry into the United Kingdom has become easier access to the United States after the arrival of US President Donald Trump, noting that" many of the staff working at the British Embassy in Iraq, whether Iraqi or British, have difficulty in getting a visa to America because of their work in Iraq. "