Blibl: a large volume of work and needs a real investment

2/26/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / Suha Shaykhli
role of complementary private sector with the public sector has become necessary and exhibits acceptable paths of the two parties after it became clear the first contributions to the economic decisions that change the shape of economic performance for the better.

Chairman of the Federation of Iraqi businessmen willing Blibl said that the private sector person imbalances in economic performance accurately and raises the logical solutions through its experts working in the field who examined the reality of the economic situation and the requirements of development.

Vital sectors

Blibl between "morning" that the union prefers to adopt mechanisms are encouraged to rotate the wheel of production and creating real competition among producers in all vital sectors in a move to bring back life to the local market by offering local qualitative product does not carry any negative effects on the consumer and the content of the source and the observer from the competent bodies in this regard that define its mission to protect the product and the consumer.

The reality of work and stressed Blibl that Iraq is able to develop all sectors but that it is associated with the extent of the right environment provides for the activation of the reality of work in all production and service sectors, where indicators show a large volume of work in Iraq waiting to attract the effort developed to activate it any real investment.

He pointed out that the opening of markets for goods without specification flooded local markets in various bad and medium - quality products has hurt the national economy and saps much of the Iraqi money because of the display of goods do not fit and lifetime, which raises temperatures spending is large.

Our current and pointed to the importance of activating the strategic development of the private sector and the strategy of industrial development , which represents Our current and future, which include solutions for economic problems suffered by the Iraqi economy , the development of either the reason for delay is routine and bugs administrative as there is a mentality is not convinced that Iraq be dependent on human strength and moves from phase of economic recession to recovery economic.

The period of transition and contributed Union draw economic policy of the country in the first phase after the fall of the dictatorial regime and held a lot of seminars attended by public and private sectors since 2003 and helped set basic guidelines for the new phase have been diagnosed with the most important of the suffering of the economy during the transition from a centralized economy to a market economy gradually began focusing on privatization and foreign investment and the private sector have an important role in the economic process.

Economic problems

Blibl said: We are working aggressively Batjahtqls the state 's dependence on a single supplier of oil , especially after the fall in oil prices which caused the unit to raise the economic problems , where unemployment rates rose and the poverty rate.

Pointing out that the country must build its economy on providing what the people of the services and that there will be certified on the growth of reality as it has to be my grandfather went by the decision - makers based on the national private sector , which is interested in the country 's interest.