Consensus on the adoption of advanced customs system
Saturday, February 25, 2017
- 9:28

BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb voices were raised demanding facilitate customs procedures at border crossing points and new security checkpoints that have adopted the customs process on the link between Baghdad and the northern areas where the supplied goods imported through the port of Abraham road was subject to customs controls imposed by the central government.

Merchants, in turn, refused to multiple entities that adopt the detailed follow-up to this important (customs), being confounded the process of introducing goods and started being delayed for long periods at security checkpoints Adin, so helping to open new doors of corruption.

President of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Jaafar al-Hamdani said that the family business began to suffer from complicated procedures have become routine, which adversely affect the smooth arrival of goods to Baghdad in particular because of the barriers that have been developed by different institutions of the state.

The Baghdad Chamber of Commerce comprises 35 thousand dealer in various disciplines and maintain a quasi-fixed price levels despite the challenges that accompany the import process.

He appealed to al-Hamdani prime minister to find a solution to the border ports in the introduction of goods, noting in a speech at the headquarters of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce at a symposium to discuss the situation of importers and traders in customs and directing Customs to a discrepancy in the work of border crossings and demanding to contain the phenomenon of corruption in those ports, stressing that the country is currently undergoing a in the case of a fierce war with terrorism, and it requires all of us to stand in a row against the forces of oppression and terrorism.

He said the Iraqi trader is suffering from great difficulties in the introduction of its goods as a result of the multiplicity of border crossings and the varying instructions from port to another, as well as overlapping security checkpoints as a party in this matter, especially in Baghdad, adding that the worsening of this situation will lead to the lay off large numbers of workers in the shops and increase inflation.

He called al-Hamdani, the need to work on the organization of the import process as a whole and that there be a single point of responsibility for border crossings, where multiple entities that present themselves stakeholder in this matter.

He stressed the need to direct the security checkpoints to enforce measures to protect the goods and the dimensions of the elements that disrupt the smooth flow of goods meets the conditions password.

Mohammed Salem member of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce said that our demands today is to find real mechanisms of action contribute to the completion of the business in accordance with the regulations and to achieve the benefit of the market and businessman, and these mechanisms adoption of advanced management systems work at border crossings to prevent the employee dealer network, as well as to have the General Authority for Customs Media effectively reflects all the instructions issued by the organization on the import process and this is very important, especially as the commercial sector working to provide jobs and pay taxes regularly.

President of the Iraqi - Turkish Chamber of Commerce Messenger Firas al-Hamdani demanded the relevant authorities to intervene positively to resolve the problem needs through electronic means away from the routine and start from financial dealings with the central bank and the relevant departments away from all forms of red tape and the accompanying suspicions of corruption.

He stressed the importance of granting Iraqi trader more attention and provide sophisticated mechanisms of action accomplish its needs, pointing to the existence of the negligence of a clear segment of traders, warning of a significant rise in prices in light of the complex procedures routine and the accompanying mismanagement in the Abu Ghraib Customs and offers goods to be damaged and this leads to higher costs .

Firas al-Hamdani Messenger questioned about the reason for the existence of customs broker in the security checkpoints, which requires a review of the operation of all the joints.

In turn, the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce member Ali al-Azzawi: The confusion in the transport of goods and the imbalance in the imposition of tariffs between the port and the last things that adversely affect the reality of the local market and wondered about the companies viewfinder Do you work in all ports.

He stressed the importance of considering the relevant authorities of this matter meticulously and serve out the decisions of the national economy does not affect the levels of supply in the local markets.

Jaafar al-Hamdani returned emphasizes the need to declare the border crossing points of Astosmaracial under the supervision of the government and this is the case in most of the world economic blocs, and that the administration be at border crossing points for a global company that specializes operate according to local laws away from all forms of confusion.

IT was present someone a member of Technology Association Falah al-Lami said: that our market problems and the supply of our merchandise is that technological devices are treated by the competent authorities, electrical equipment, and this is a big mistake.

Both offers different from the other act as a different significance, demanding that there should be coordination between the Chamber of Commerce Baghdad and General Administration of Customs.