Economic implications of activating the electronic government
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Saad al-Taie

The application of electronic transfer services and works provided to citizens through the Internet the government, including working to speed up the completion of the transaction process, saving time, effort and money that is wasted in the traditional routine procedures that consume large sums large and time goes in the complete absurdity of measures often compared Digital time when the world experienced today.

Which calls for action to activate the e-government and thereby to improve the efficiency of services provided by the government to citizens in all aspects of the state, which is working with many countries around the world.

The application of e-government leads to getting rid of bureaucracy killer in reviewing the state departments large and attrition in the human and financial resources that are lost in these procedures and waste of time in the twisting and turning in an episode of procedures outdated and the corresponding significant financial expenses to employ large numbers of workers and expenses such as buying securities and printing supplies
And places to save the stacks of papers and binders and large expenses that go in the completion of their transactions as well as procedures for wasting their time
And backwardness for their work, which is supposed to be invested to sustain energy in work

The activation of electronic government and its application in practice contributes to the achievement of the feasibility of these expenses and works Alythasin services provided to citizens in order to achieve positive economic impact on the state budget and the income of the citizen in general and working on the country's progress in line with development of the various countries of the world.

Hiring technological developments in the administrative work, through electronic all its ministries and departments government activation, longer an option strategically ensure the achievement of numerous benefits, including economic side, so that the investment in e-government and work on practical application as well as he was investigating keep abreast of modern developments that are fast, digitization and use high-tech development in all areas of life, it also achieves great economic achievements are reflected on the national economy through modern technological scientific management and this will have positive effects in the management of economic resources, scientific, modern and efficient manner based technological advances basis.

The management of ministries, which offers services to millions of citizens, and it brings the riches of the country billions of dollars, will see the full development in the areas of application of administrative methods in conducting technical and industrial issues in human resource management and how to invest financial resources and raw materials owned by the country which is the President supplier of balancing public as to improve the management efficiency of the national economy in general and how the total resources of the country management
According to the developments of modern management based on precise calculations by employing cutting-edge computer and digital technology in all aspects of management.

Also, the human resources that the country enjoyed by the general management will see the large and very large developments by employing this technology Alhadithvi joints of e-government, the result would be reflected on the national economy at the current stage and in the future.

The activation of e-government in all aspects of the state longer an option should strategically work on it in order to achieve economic gains surest for this option as well as Ciecklh huge leap in the way of access to modern digital communities.