Oil instruct investment companies to provide jobs for the people and with the crowd dead

one hour ago

Twilight News / Oil Ministry reported on Saturday that its minister Jabbar Ali Allaibi instructed to investment companies in the oil sector to provide job opportunities to the children and people with dead the popular crowd.

The general director of the Oil Exploration Company Chairman of the Committee to support the popular crowd at the ministry Karim Hattab, in a press statement responded to the Twilight News, said that "the oil minister directed all oil companies operating in Iraq, whether licenses or companies secondary contractor working in the oil fields and installations rounds firms providing jobs for the children of the martyrs of the crowd folk heroes, in recognition and in appreciation for the enormous sacrifices made by our martyrs heroes in defense of the homeland and the holy sites and the future, and to give this issue the priority it deserves. "

Hattab said that "the oil minister instructed companies and relevant departments, including the Department contracts and oil licenses and the Committee to support the popular crowd at the ministry to follow up the implementation of this guidance and coordination with stakeholders to develop the necessary care and support for the families of martyrs through the provision of employment through hiring or appointment, according to specialties available and give them priority mechanisms in that".

The ministry says it is, and since the formation of the Central Committee to support the popular crowd in June 2014, had "honored the hundreds of families of martyrs in a number of provinces, as well as visit the wounded and visit battlefields and provide the necessary needs of our fighters heroes"

It depends on the financing of their activities on the donations of employees of companies in the oil sector bodies and departments of the ministry.