Iraq receives many requests for loans to buy apartments Basmajh


Economy News / Baghdad ....

Rafidain Bank announced that its branches saw turnout of citizens to obtain compound Basmajh residential loans.

Press office of the bank said in a statement obtained by "Economy News", a copy of "earmarked for granting loans Basmajh branches, namely, (safety, Paradise, secretary, al-Mustansir, al-Zahra neighborhood, caliphs, pratha, White Palace, the Arab neighborhood, Amil district) received many wishing to obtain loans for the purchase of housing units in the residential complex Basmajh citizens. "

He pointed out that "dozens of people have received loans in accordance with the regulations and conditions in order to contribute to the soft housing support and address the housing crisis within the government to go for it."

The Cabinet form in 17 of the last month, a committee headed by Minister of Construction and membership of a number of entities shall provide options for marketing Apartments new city Basmajh residential and administration services across posed as an investment project to ensure the safety of contracting procedures and ensure the rights of citizens with the use of international expertise in this area. "

He announced Rafidain Bank for the development of new legal controls to lend to citizens who wish to buy apartments Basmajh residential ones be "loan, which identified 80% of the residential unit value and to exceed 75 million after the payment of the first installment amounting to 10% of the value of the apartment and the duration of 15 years and an interest rate of 6 amount % per annum. "