Trapping dirty money


Yasser incumbent

A freelance writer specializing Economic flags

Alliot-m ended Thursday elite banking included Chiba and young people of both sexes qualifying session for special anti-money laundering and the financing of terrorism and organized by the Iraqi private banks association in collaboration with the global company Iraqna training certificate.

But this session gloss and semantics great being irrelevant surrounded dirty money and prevent their entry into the country and circulation.

And gaining this session significance fact that it comes completely in line with the global trends in the field of combating money laundering and terrorism financing, so the Iraqi private banks association and the basis of moral and national responsibility first initiated the establishment of such a mission courses in cooperation and coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq, which passed a law Khasapmkavhh wash money and so epitomized a true partnership between ASEAN (1) and the central bank in the quest to create a solid banks and protect the country's economy from the dirty money trading and fortify them from approaching.

This is not a session but only on my knowledge that there is an ongoing sessions throughout the year to prepare the cadres capable of handling this dirty money is narrowing, as there is a plan for the preparation of local trainers to do in training.

And if it was necessary to look into the word, respect and appreciation to this elite and is the nucleus of the fight against money laundering and offer them congratulations also thank the experts who Rphioa trainees with what is new.

For the Association and its partner central bank say Congratulations on these achievements by building a discreet banking system befitting the reputation of Iraq's economic capabilities and international reputation and look into the wait to restore the reputation of the real banks and their role in development.

(1) The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is an organization of countries in southeast Asia set up to promote cultural, economic and political development in the region. ASEAN was officially formed in 1967 with the signing of the Bangkok Declaration.