Abadi condemning al-Maliki in the fall of Mosul

23-02-2017 08:30 PM

East News -

Juma Abdullah

Maliki was sentenced fateful and disastrous in all specifications. Iraq has tasted the scourge and calamities for eight years in lean times Kalhandal, wherein deepened the rift and dissent and the wounds between the people and factions , components, and they took control of hatred, hostility and hatred welcomed the seeds of revenge.

The corruption and financial looting came to the brink of bankruptcy treasury Iraq, testified golden age in the robbery and banditry, and its Tcatherat plays Althregih irony and comedy, prepared its advance, production and directing will come with the escape of hundreds of prisoners, criminals , terrorists murderers from prison, and his covenant fateful escalated the language of intolerance and arrogance and arrogance, even dealing political stupidity reckless, WAM Great misfortunes represented the fall of Mosul, not confrontational war, but in the receipt by hand to organize Daesh terrorist, leaving the fate of more than two million citizens in the brink of danger and death and slaughter, and then continue the series of calamities followed the fall of the three other provinces which (Anbar, Salahuddin and Diyala).

I shook the disaster , the fall of Mosul , the Iraqi public and the Arab world, this form of shame humiliating and humbling to Iraq, but under the officials involved and emitters fall of Mosul, are free to have influence and power and money and great place, if nothing had happened, not worth questioning and the question, as if thousands of blood went in vain and especially the Shiite blood, does not deserve accountability and punishment and trial, because it is cheap and blood surplus to need, and so to Gmtt and Tmtmt and cover - up the issue of crime fall of Mosul, it was a thing of the creations of the imagination, of the enemies of al - Maliki, but Mr. Abadi told shoveled revealed pant irrefutable truth that everyone knows and wrote much about it , you remove the cover and falsehood , which argues it al - Maliki and his service and his servants mercenaries hired as the face of al - Abadi fingered condemnation and denunciation to al - Maliki, the full responsibility in the fall of Mosul and have him and asked that he (did not understand why he had given orders that day, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki, three teams from the Iraqi army to withdraw from Mosul , and to come to Baghdad), adding that he (is terrible what he did Nuri al - Maliki, in this regard the military order wrong, which made the Iraqi army, losing the main northern city of Mosul and its airport and the entire province) which mentions the three teams represent 60 thousand soldier, came to them orders to withdraw, leaving their equipment and heavy Alalyatem with ammunition, pulled in front of a few hundred elements Daesh terrorist, before their arrival to the province of Mosul, it was a prepared full coordination in the receipt and delivery of the province, even without confronting a comic play simple, smokescreen , major catastrophe, that these heavy weapons and ammunition, cost the Iraqi state the amount of $ 12 billion, adding that he was a financial deposit at the central bank in Mosul at about $ 500 million, excluding other material losses, which do not compensate.

Add to ruin the great mass after the occupation, as well as the brutal bloody massacres that followed the occupation of Mosul and other areas, as well as the bloodshed of thousands of young Shiite recruits, did not consider this bloody crime, a crime against Iraq? Pain is considered as a national treason? .

Why minted law and the judiciary, the government and the parliament in front of these atrocities vessels, this form of shameful disgrace and humiliation?!

Who is responsible and that causes bloody massacres that followed the fall of Mosul and three provinces (Anbar, Salahuddin and Diyala)?

Who is responsible for the devastation and destruction and the displacement of more than a million people from their homes?

Why the law was not enforced against those criminals who sold cheaply to Iraq Daesh terrorist organization?

Where is the role and responsibility of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, in this full military collapse?

Why not be charged with treason Great Patriotic?

For the dignity of Iraq , which trampled in the foot and dirt !! .oma Death reneging on NATO and the department and the right, which is divided by Nuri al - Maliki himself, upon receipt of the post of prime minister, to preserve the interests of the people and the sovereignty of the nation and its land and its people? Then sell this form of shameful disgrace disgraceful, and this vile, wretched, or whether the people of Iraq do not deserve life, because they are surplus to the needs, the original dwelling graves and death.