Call for reform of the industrial licensing and registration systems Enterprises

2/25/2017 0:00

To expand the role of small and medium enterprises in the economy

BAGHDAD / Imad emirate

requires activating the role of small and medium enterprises in the economy , the involvement of stakeholders from government institutions and the private sector in the regulatory reform process in order to form a framework simplifies administrative procedures and regulatory laws that support the productive projects, as well as preparation guide action for investors in the industrial, agricultural, commercial and service areas in order to achieve developmental renaissance in the national economy.

Economic academic d. Abdul Sattar Abdul - Jabbar , Moses stressed that the construction, expansion or development of small and medium enterprises is not easy for the economy of Iraq, adding that the involvement of these institutions needs to be the will of the regulatory and administrative reforms and a series of integrated actions coordinated between the government and the private sector and cooperation with international organizations.

He Moussa during his speech for the "morning" to the need for reform of the laws relating distasteful regimes companies and industrial licensing and regulations of import and export, investment and systems shut down loss - making projects, calling for the development of appropriate and thoughtful strategy that can be achieved on the land of reality, and work on reforms that regulate the work of these institutions and the removal of administrative obstacles that stands before them for the advancement of their betterment, and then advancement of the Iraqi economy as a whole.

And it went that it will lead to increased productivity and achieving competitiveness and development of production and to cover a large part of the local need and thus reduce the import, which will reflect positively on the increased Iraqi exports , thus providing a large part of the foreign exchange that can be directed toward local investment destinations and foreign.

Moussa pointed to the existence of complex factors that affect the growth of the business sector in Iraq, including poor infrastructure, and the difficulty in obtaining loans from banks and financial institutions with high fees and outdated production methods.

And the need to overcome administrative barriers to the creation of small and medium enterprises, as the general characteristic is the presence of administrative barriers in the Iraqi business environment shackle access to markets and hamper economic activity.

He explained that the business community suffers from too many laws and licensing requirements and tax systems are complex and the weakness of the financial sector and poor banking business, stressing that these barriers weaken build a diverse and productive economic base.

He said Moussa is not limited to the impact of the administrative barriers to weaken the ability of the business community in turn to build only an attractive economic base for local and foreign investments, but leads at the same time to increase the size and impact of the shadow economy, pointing out that these administrative barriers costing some general of the world and Iraq , especially the millions of dollars It wasted a year, threatening economic reforms out of the track.

Moussa concluded definitely that the laws and regulations of legislation in an integrated and well thought would reduce these losses, pointing to the importance of reducing legal costs , including attracting foreign investors to the appropriate business environments and thus the advent of investment into the country , which is desperately needed.