Why Turkey agreed to Kurdish control of Kirkuk's oil wells? Dangerous secrets published for the first time

Friday, February 24, 2017 01:03

Special sound of Kurdistan: when ISIS moved into areas of Kirkuk and hawijah and occupied other districts in the province of Kirkuk and near oil wells, not Kurdish forces had seized control of Kirkuk's oil wells. Lack of control of the Kurdish forces wells was not the result of poor Kurdish forces but that Kurdish forces had threatened Turkey and Iraq and America not to extradite the Kurdish parties in Kirkuk.

ISIS coming to the region weaker Iraqi forces and Iraq need to protect soldiers until Baghdad from falling. Then Iraq and requested the same from all States assistance Abadi and Turkey. As Kurds from medicine to protect their land.

Discussions between the Kurdish forces 2014 and between Iraq and Turkey on Kirkuk and oil resulted in an agreement under which Turkey agreed that Kurdish forces to protect the oil wells in Kirkuk also export oil and territory and Kirkuk to the Turkish port of Ceyhan. But Turkey did not agree to this transformation in hostile policy for the cord in Kirkuk and the territory only after she signed a bilateral agreement with Barzani on which oil could Erdogan and by Godfather oglu on a very high percentage of oil imports and is said to have up to half your imports and for 50 years. This agreement is confidential and for obtained Turkey hasn't been announced officially and Barzani's Government refuses to publish her agreement with Turkey because of the sensitivity of their texts.

After signing this agreement, the Government denied Barzani oil revenues into Baghdad believing that the Convention with Turkey will have export huge amounts of oil abroad compensated for loss which will be given to Turkey.

Barzani's Government and under its agreement with Turkey must ensure that Turkey quota and this means that the territorial Government could not deliver all oil revenues to the Iraqi Government because half of it blowing into Turkey. And that's why Barzani cannot reach a solution with the Iraqi Government and will keep the crisis.

Agreement on export Kirkuk Abadi to Iran and post course ISIS could cause a major crisis with Turkey and that proceedings now that Turkey controlled aynzalla and Kirkuk oil to ensure a share of the oil produced.