Abadi issued guidance to forces edit Mosul and give those involved a chance to surrender with Daesh
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14:15 (Baghdad time)

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Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has issued a number of directives of the armed forces to participate in the liberation of Mosul operations, while stressing that the last chance for those involved with Daesh to lay down their arms and surrender.

Ebadi said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "achieves fighters fervent victories impressive gang terror Daesh defeated in the liberation of the coast right process, which was launched a few days ago within the coming Aaninoy operations and Istron their courage and their sacrifice and their attitudes noble human coolest stories of heroism and redemption and obtain impress the world which stands fascinated by the courage of the Iraqis, and while we congratulate and applaud for our honorable these successive victories. "

Abadi and issued a number of directives of the Armed Forces:

First, we renew our claims on human and fundamental aspect in the editing process, a man by the ground and call to make the utmost effort to rescue and protection of civilians and provide safe corridors for their exit, reception and transferred to safe camps, and we commend the high commitment shown by the fighters in this area.

Second, very careful not to give casualties among the fighters as much as possible, and we commend the sacrifices here dear and courageous positions for officers and those who care about the fighters in various Alsnov Pan combat formations.

Third, to maintain the government and non-government facilities and public and private property.

Fourth, emphasize the centrality of the issue of military positions and statements and by careful and wary of giving the enemy a chance to benefit from the information.

Fifth: ensuring accurate and complete coordination between the various configurations by land, air and make the most of the intelligence on enemy movements within the city.

Sixth: To deepen the fracture and the defeat of Hakt gangs Daesh and the flight of its leaders by increasing the quality of strikes and focused to the headquarters of the booby-trapping the enemy and labs and supply routes.

Seventh: As we call on our people in Mosul to support our heroine to free them from this criminal confronted them and prevent them from inflicting casualties on civilians and the destruction of facilities services .. gang and confirm that this is the last chance for the items that were involved with Daesh to lay down their arms and surrender to receive their fair trials, and without it, they would face inevitable death at the hands of our fighters heroes.

Eighth: We are determined to prosecute terrorism that is trying to kill our children and our citizens anywhere resides in it, where we send our orders to lead the Air Force to strike Aldaasha terror sites in Husaybah as well as in Albu Kamal inside Syrian territory, which has been responsible for the recent terrorist bombings in Baghdad, where he carried out the Champions process air to respond to terrorists successfully Bahr.anthy 29 / d 24