Thus Abadi agreed with Moqtada al-Sadr to oust Maliki
By: Ahmad Tahan - 2/24/2017
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is noticeable to course political events in Iraq find very clearly that there a clear political agreements between Iraqi Prime Minister Haider a lAbadi and between Muqtada alSadr indicate very clearly to establishment new political entity in near future have indicated a Lebanese newspapers for that matter few days ago but did not excessive detail in depth, course this alliance between alAbadi and Moqtada alSadr primary goal is eliminate Maliki coalition and reduce influence and this thing is on two axes, namely:

axis first lying on responsibility Moqtada alSadr is demanding change election law, as well as members Commission because Maliki is sole beneficiary them and they remained will re Maliki personally or through his coalition to power again, so Moqtada alSadr took refuge the agreement withalAbadi to demand Ptgierhma and made them popular demand, and notes on demonstrations it did not target anyone Abadi and even letters Muqtada alSadr when mentions Abadi where it reminded him in (brother) and have words with him Lena tolerant,course this part of agreement so there be public demands not targeting anyone Abadi.

The second axis which the responsibility alAbadi where is formation new political party dissident Dawa Party the one hand and other hand is support demonstrations Moqtada alSadr Balkhvah, what happened from breaches in previous demonstrations were outside expected terms surprise each of Muqtada alSadr and alAbadi out and this accused alMaliki Ban has hand where even though he did not have any hands but is international parties wanted heart things in Baghdad in order create chaos reduce breaks Daesh, therefore faster Moqtada alSadr acquittal those who fired rockets into green and scalable Abadi denied involvement security forces killing protesters.

Thus coordination between alAbadi and Muqtada alSadr new political entity will - will appear as two sides expected - oust alMaliki and his coalition but did Alfa to Maliki influential figure and pervasive in joints state and have broad impact even change delection law and Commission, it will not affect coalition Maliki even and that after it impact will not be so large that up to stage overthrow him politically, and remaining Mrahenthma all the support they would receive it from new US administration think it Stdamanma against alMaliki will put them at forefront political scene and thatas they say (Asham Satan in Paradise).
Ahmad Tahan
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