The conclusion of the qualifying session for the certification of a specialist anti-money laundering
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updated 02/23/2017
- 23:13
Concluded on Thursday, businessman qualifying session for certification specialist anti-money laundering and terrorism financing organized by the Iraqi private banks association in cooperation with Iraqna training ACAMS.

Participants who Mthelo number of Iraqi and Arab private banks and the Central Bank and the Rafidain Bank and remittance companies and numbered 38 trainees have received over the five days of lectures in the field of combating terrorism and the financing of terrorism and ways to detect at the hands of teachers qualified instructors received.

It should be noted that the parties participating in the session is the (Iraqi Central Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Noor Iraq, through Iraq, Mediterranean, Credit Libanais, the Pearl of the financial transfer company, Spectrum Company financial convertible, United Bank, Fransabank, Iraqi investment, Zain Iraq, the Muslim south, Huda, Arabic, Assyria, and the Warka Bank for international confidence).

After the deployment, executive director of the Association of Tariq Ali certificates of appreciation between the trainees and the prohibition of the closing ceremony of a representative of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords director of public relations at the bank Fadel Jassem and a number of banks in the profile officials.