British company plans to sue the government for lack of Basra delivered financial dues

Company 'Kaaleight' British branch in Basra overseeing the work of the bridge Martyr Mohammed Baqir al - Sadr detection, implemented by the company 'Meg' Italian for the determination of 'Kaaleight' take all legal actions in coordination with the British embassy in Baghdad against the Court of the province of Basra through the establishment of a lawsuit against him for not handed over their financial dues in spite of the end of the contract.

One official said the company Ibrahim Sultan 'The parent company in the UK is determined to withdraw its staff from Basra after the local government refused to hand over those entitlements that are still Bzmtha, amounting to 800 million Iraqi dinars and planned to pay about a month ago.

Sultan added that his company addressed the conservative Majed Nasraoui several books official asked to pay their financial dues but to no avail despite the end held after extended more than once at no charge in order to complete projects mandated by the best two bridge Martyr Mohammed Baqir al - Sadr to maintain the status and bridge the Champions popular crowd Hartha district.

Sultan also pointed out that the executive government in Basra did not receive the popular heroes of the crowd from the contractor after the bridge opened for more than a year, rejecting a delivery company for dues for the bridge, amounting to 125 million dinars in spite of the complete works by the two companies executed supervisor.