Reports: Trump for a new resolution on refugees and reconsider develop Iraq

WASHINGTON - Iraq Press - February 23
: It is expected that the US President issued a decree Donald Trump executive secondly to curb immigration from the Middle East, after the first general decision to eliminate failure. According to the leaks, the most prominent of which is as follows: 1. temporarily halt immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries were the same as those on the first list , namely: Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan. 2. Card "Green Card" holders and owners of dual nationalities exception is not on the list, which was not allowed in the first. 3. The lack of Syrian refugees exception requires a special hard to stop them, and include them in a common language that would prevent the new visa and asylum applications were withdrawn prior visas or asylum claims. 4. possibility of revising the Status of Iraq and of being friendly governments to Washington. 5. consult Congress 90 days after the decision in the absence of a judicial veto it and reconsider status of these countries. Trump administration and after the first loss is preparing to battle a new and improved legal language in the new text to not face other constitutional loss in the courts, or shake a popular re - demonstrations to airports and embarrass the administration. And it suggested the "CNN" to issue a decision before the end of this week. Q ended