New documents .. Doaash make excuses to escape the fighting

3 hours ago

Twilight News / uncovered new documents to organize Daesh in Syria reluctance of a number of the organization for fighting guerrillas and making excuses to leave the battlefield, and return to their home countries.

And the dissemination of correct site, a specialist in dealing with extremist groups, a new document to a Daesh fighters in Raqqa, which asked to be excused from the fighting to return to France.

According to excuse contained in the document, the so-called "French Obosshab" feign an excuse that he was suffering from an imbalance in the ankles, back, and he wants to return to France to carry out a suicide operation.

The document, issued by the "Tariq ibn Ziyad battalion" of the terrorist organization, the so-called Abu Anas, "claims the disease and has no medical report."

In the past few months revealed similar documents, it was found in Iraq, that a number of militants, the organization benefited from the exemptions, even shunning involved in the fighting.

And found the international coalition forces, the documents for the battalion, "Tariq ibn Ziyad," Daesh in the organization, which is fighting in the ranks of the organization in Iraq, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail" British.

The documents reveal, several reasons, demobilization and allow them to return to their home countries, such as injury, or a desire to relocate to a particular area.

And it exempts so-called "Office of the soldiers" in the extremist organization, for example, a person called the father of Wael Swiss, due to the stiffening of the knee, a resource box in the notes he does not want to fight.

As someone else nicknamed Abu Idris Kosovo, he ran his removal because of his desire to go to the "sham" Syria and suffering with problems in the brain.

And come to leave the ranks of fighters to Daesh, amid a difficult situation for the organization, which suffered major losses in the Iraqi city of Mosul, where he announced, in 2014, what he called "Caliphate".