Oblige ministries to buy materials locally manufactured

02/23/2017 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 123 - Issue (3860)

Baghdad / term

The Committee on Economic Affairs of the Iraqi Council of Ministers announced on Wednesday, for obliging the Ministry of Finance not to finance any contract for the import of materials and devices manufactured in the country, said in a statement, she had discussed during the meeting, economic issues and files and has taken many of the same economic and financial decisions that will move the wheel Iraqi economy.

The statement added, was directed Ministries (Planning and Industry and Minerals and Interior) to prevent the entry of plastic pipe offending products multiple Iraqi standards, and to require the Ministry of Health to purchase all their requirements of medicines and medical supplies from the General Company for the pharmaceutical industry, as the Commission has committed the General Company for Construction Industries creation of laboratories for the production of pipes and oblige the Ministry of Electricity to buy all their needs, from Diyala public company and Ur.