Iraqi forces claimed control over the entire Mosul International Airport

By Roudao one hour ago

Roudao - Arbil ,

a security source said on Thursday that the Iraqi forces were able to control the entire Mosul airport, south of the city.

Said Brigadier Abdul Aziz Reza al - Moussawi, the rapid reaction forces (Ministry of Interior) press statement, that "rapid reaction forces managed to free the entire Mosul airport after control of the runway and the airport terminal, while clashes on the outskirts of the airport continues with elements Daesh fleeing from Location".

He added that " the airport devastating dramatically and the proportion of damages amounted to 90%, after the bombing of its buildings by Daesh or aerial bombardment of the international coalition."

" The airport lounge was completely destroyed and razed by the organization and put stones repel lines to strengthen its defenses in a timely manner."

He said al - Moussawi, that " the Iraqi forces in the rapid reaction managed to free the sugar plant also corresponding to the gate of the airport south of Mosul , " pointing out that " the other is a devastating dramatically Daesh after the destruction of the buildings."

And it began to Iraqi troops, on Thursday morning, to storm the camp Ghazlani Mosul airport, the largest organization of "Daesh" on the western side of the connector northern camps, with the support of Air Alliance International Airline of the Iraqi army, according to a statement of the cell - Harbi media affiliated to the Ministry of Defense.

And it kicked off last Sunday, the military operations to liberate the West Side neighborhoods of the conductor of the gunmen seized control of the organization "Daesh" with the support of the international coalition led by the United States.

And the western side of Mosul , smaller than the eastern part , in terms of area (40 percent of the total area of Mosul), but the population density is more; where the United Nations estimates the number of occupants by about 800 thousand people.