Iraqi judiciary in the thieves of public money service ..qdah Ona Oil is an example!
Last updated: February 22, 2017
- 14:44
BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq revealed investigations recent interview, new details about contracts and charges and bribes taken by former oil minister article Hussein al - Shahristani and some of his collaborators from fake contracts with Oona Oel.otadhav company investigations: "Having re - appeared on the scene this scandal thundering to the fore, noting that Prime Minister al - Abadi may face in the 2 / April / 2016 integrity Commission to take legal action on the involvement of senior Iraqi officials in the state in corrupt deals and kickbacks related to oil contracts during the term of the Hussain al - Shahristani and Abdul Karim and coffee for the oil ministry He called the Iraqi judiciary to carry out prosecutions instant but until this moment did not announce the results of any investigation took place in the scandal thundering which is considered the biggest bribe on a global scale process and did not referred any involvement in the scandal of those named to the Iraqi judiciary, where the agencies reported media and satellite channels that there is political pressure to prevent the resolution of the presidency of the oil and energy Committee in the Iraqi parliament to complete its work did not specify the nature of these political pressures and those who stand Raiha.ohdd one of the members of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Mazen Mezni on the need to prevent the travel of Iraqi officials in the oil ministry and who named in investigative journalism known scandal Oona oil concerning transactions corruption and bribes and oil contracts during the previous governments

At the end of March last year revealed investigations by the two institutions journalistic an Australian and an American for a major corruption scandal involving Iraqi oil contracts indicating that it includes pay bribes tens of millions of dollars to Iraqi officials including Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of former oil Hussain al - Shahristani and other senior oil ministry and the South Oil Company to pass deals for the benefit of various global companies .oathbtaat investigations carried out by Fairfax Media Foundation for Australian media by investigating tens of thousands of e - mail confidential letters that" the rep Una Oil company in Iraq Basil surgeon was the focus of the biggest bribe on a global scale process noting the adult key players in the scandal resounding they are all from the director of the ONA oil company in Iraq Basil surgeon and CEO Cyrus Ahassana and the Iraqi side an employee at the oil Ministry , Uday al - Quraishi, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of former oil Hussain al - Shahristani and former Minister of oil Abdul Karim and coffee , as well as officials others implicated in the scandal. "

These investigations have shown that "senior oil industry officials in Iraq, including Hussein al - Shahristani , who were part of the circle of corruption without reckon one, the time has come that the Iraqi judiciary through the public prosecutor in turn protect the Iraqi public money and to bring all of the defendants in this major scandal to the Iraqi judiciary and the pressure on the government to reveal about this scandal to public opinion and the Iraqi people the investigations as well as the invitation of the Iraqi Council of Representatives summoned Hussain al - Shahristani and Abdul Karim and coffee and all those involved in the scandal under the dome of the House of Representatives and the investigation in the scandal before the public opinion

It confirms investigations of corruption Hussain al - Shahristani and his involvement with this company Sama and exciting for laughter from the absence of such a company in Iraq denied and he did not know anything about and did not hear them at all, the company so she replied in her official website on the Internet that it is proud of the professional record track many Business and investments carried out in Iraq, including the completion of the special extended tubes with accessories on land and business and contracted with Leighton Holdings group within the project of raising energies export Iraqi crude oil.

Which confirms his involvement in this scandal , such as the investigation directly with him , when he broke a wildfire in Hussain al - Shahristani office; in order to cover up the corrupted files involved with when he was president for energy affairs and minister of oil as the flames devoured all that exists in the office files, documents, furniture, and civil defense teams opened an investigation into the incident but some sources confirmed that the fire was caused by arson .oary experts that " the fire artificially broke his goal to cover up the corrupted files involvement by al - Shahristani with the news of the arrival of the international team of investigators to investigate major corruption files including energy , files , and file Oona and Oil company Despite all of this has not been taken into consideration in order to summon him and hold him accountable and find out the circumstances of Modua.oan Iraqi judiciary did not proceed with investigations in a corruption case so far , which confirms the involvement of this politicized judiciary in the protection of corrupt and encourage them to steal public money and there are hundreds of files from corruption did not achieve the elimination or at least move it from the so- called Attorney General (Mohammed al - Janabi) but there is corruption Akiemha issues about $ 600 billion did not achieve the elimination originally heroes Nuri al - Maliki and his son Ahmed and leaders of the Dawa Party and the Supreme Council as well as from leaders of the coalition forces