Ayman total liberation of Mosul operations within 72 hours
Nineveh - Iraq Press - February 21: According to security sources in Nineveh province, on Tuesday, that Armored Division ninth and pieces of federal police and rapid reaction popular and the crowd continued to install point operations and equal to the three military axis, which was launched by 72 hours to edit the right side of Mosul .. (c

He continued, "The engineering effort Operations Brigade 26 in the southern hub southwest of Mosul, continued for the second day in a row to build defensive fortifications in the vicinity (village Alshaji) Add to clear roads and homes of booby-trapping caused by the elements of the criminal organization," adding that "the goals achieved so now since the start editing right side operations of the conductor managed to free the villages and hills (Alshaji and Tel Kisom and experts) and isolate east of Tal Afar regions for the right coast and cracking down on elements of the organization and control of the knot transportation between the right side and the roads leading to the hand Mahlbah and Tal Afar in addition to control of the gate right coast from the southwest and west of the city. ", ended A.h