Kurdistan Region tearing cocoon rentier economy

By: Jawad Kazem Mkoshaha - 22-02-2017 | (Voice of Iraq) |

When Tcefhna of the history of peoples in the world, demonstrated to us the reality of sexy, Hoon said there are nations and peoples got up again after the devastating wars burned green and everybody together, but managed by the will and resolve of the sons of the adoption of their countries and is today in the ranks of developed countries with strong military and economic infrastructure such as Germany and most European countries, Russia and Japan, which managed the impossible work to bring laurels and Sir vigorous steps towards erasing the effects of war and build a peaceful and prosperous life for their people.

For example, after the signing of the Japanese emperor to a document of surrender in World War II and the appointment of US General MacArthur governor actually on them, the US occupation of Japan began and lasted for six years from 1945 to 1951, the period of the worst periods were in Japanese history, where the collapse of the economy in full and acute shortages of food production that warn famine and large-scale destruction of hundreds of thousands a huge rise in prices of essential commodities, and to make matters worse is that the ruling US ordered the demobilization of the entire Japanese army, leaving an army of unemployed as at the time of five million people.

Despite all this massive destruction of the occupied country and exhausted economically and militarily, but the Japanese leadership and people did not surrender the harsh reality, but they did the impossible and do the will and determination to stand up to Atlin their country and their people again to be on pole Japan
Economic and military capacity of powerful people live well-being and tranquility and abundance of essential services at record rates and global standards comparable to the biggest developed countries in terms of economic prosperity, with an average annual income per capita to 42,310 US dollars.

I'm not here in the process of comparing the Kurdistan Japan region, due to discrepancies between the status of the two sides in many things, but I meant to benefit from the successful experience, because we are also the people imposed on us wars and we were to use internationally banned weapons and of genocide in the twentieth century and today also suffering from the economic blockade and cut our budget and the salaries of the staff of the province by the federal government and we are suffering from unemployment and economic stagnation and stopped the majority of investment projects,

not to mention the low level of some services, but our people despite this difficult circumstance did not give up and did not hesitate to claim their rights, but also seeks to resolve its problems by itself will and resolve of the powerful and walk vigorous pace to overcome this crisis and the development of the region in all respects, and from this perspective, and despite the difficult conditions there,

unidentified soldiers are working tirelessly and boredom in order to reach self-sufficiency, at least in the agricultural product and food basket of the citizen of Kurdish and change the pattern of the economy of the province of rent-seeking and complete dependence on oil to multiple sources of revenue to find a radical solution to its problems in the future, and in this context, it announced the Minister of Agriculture and water resources in the Kurdistan region, Mr. Sattar Majid few days ago in an exclusive satellite Roudao a statement that during the last year, in 2016 the Ministry has exported 38 tonnes of local agricultural products from peanuts, potatoes, honey and rice

Kurdish in addition to various poultry to many countries such as Sudan and the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other countries in addition to the Iraqi provinces in central and southern Iraq.

Adding that the ministry Bramja and future plans to expand high-quality agricultural export volume and excellent quality and the ministry will begin the implementation of those programs and plans in the next short period of time.

The Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources in the Kurdistan province, the ministry decided to provide facilities for traders and owners of capital from exporters and relieving them of all the graphics, taxes and the ministry is ready to provide all Mayshl export process to outside the region.

He revealed Abdul Sattar Majeed that the province needs to 500 000 tonnes of wheat a year, while production reached in 2016 more than 1.6 million tons were purchased amount of it by the federal government but not paid peasants dues in full, so the ministry is looking for global markets Mazad for the sale of the product.

In continuation of the efforts of the provincial government to get rid of the rentier economy, it has created a special Pioneer plant producing medicines in Sulaimaniyah, was inaugurated in June 2011 which produces various types of drugs, especially drugs for chronic diseases that need hospitals and markets in the region, where the plant to double its production over the past year 2016 was export quantities to African countries.

These endeavors and efforts, according to set her plans will expand in the coming years to include other products and the adoption of the province to reap large revenues from the agricultural and tourist-class sectors foundation for what Imitlcanh of the elements of development, to break the economic blockade imposed on it from the side and tearing economic rentier cocoon and turn it into a multi-resource economy so as not to repeat the experience of the past years in which oil prices tumbled on world markets and caused most of the Petroleum exporting countries deficit.