A panel discussion on the draft Social Insurance Law

2017 - 02-21

The occasion of World Day of Social Justice and which marks the twentieth of February, held Social Forum and the Iraqi Center for Worker Solidarity this morning 's panel discussion on the draft social insurance law under legislation in cooperation with the Iraqi Council for Peace and Solidarity Organization Bridge to the Italian initiative of solidarity with Iraqi civil society, with the participation of unions the trade unions and the teachers Association of Iraq and a number of civil society organizations and experts in social security issues in the presence of an official representative of the Ministry of Labour and social Affairs and the Committee on Labour and social Affairs and the Committee on civil society institutions in the Iraqi Council of Representatives ,

where Mr. Sam Gaspe promises Director of the Iraq Programme in labor solidarity Center inaugurated the session touching to the objectives of the contract and the importance of that meeting at this stage that precedes legislation and social security law and the importance of trade unions and organizations play an important role in the discussion of the draft law and present them to the largest possible number of its members and legal experts to ensure that there is legislation that provides real guarantees for workers and employees higher than it is now in - laws the window.

Then Mr. Ali , the owner , secretary of the Iraqi Social Forum spoke about the role of the Iraqi Social Forum and its role in the adoption of economic and social issues for workers in his work since its inception and his quest to expand in the coming period through economic and social rights of the workers developed by the Forum recently path.

After that, Mr. Bassem Shannan legal adviser in the Department of pension and social security for workers in the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to provide a brief presentation on the steps to prepare the draft of this law and the promise and then there were discussions between the unions and the unions on the draft law with government and parliamentary present where I unions to a lot of the fundamental gaps contained in the draft law,

including those related to the integration of the pension fund for workers with public pension fund mechanisms and the impact on workers in the future and increase the retirement age for workers age 63 to 65 and injustice suffered by women working in relation to an application for retirement in special cases after certain years the service for the 20 years of service after it has been 15 years of service in the applicable law and the mechanisms for calculating the pension service and the end of service benefits and how and who you pay to the workers and staff and increasing the percentage of contributions of the workers of 5% to 7% of the total remuneration of the worker,

causing an economic disadvantage for the workers and lead them to give up their right to social security and even evade it. In addition to many of the observations concerning the vagueness of legal formulations in more than one place.

Participants from trade unions and the Teachers Association of Higher Their apprehension of the intervention of the World Bank to advise on the preparation of this draft , away from the presence of trade unions and civil society organizations concerned expressed. And asked workers and teachers ' unions from the Ministry of Labour and parliamentary authorities not to rush the enactment of this Act and the opportunity to trade unions and professional associations have to discuss it with members in Baghdad and the provinces put the draft to the largest possible number of workers and employees to inform them and discuss them as belonging to their future and that of their families, also showed the unions that this subject is a top priority in the next work.

It also stressed that it should be working in the criticism and debate this bill on a national scale and widespread and not limited to subject the workers only , but extends to trade unions and civil society organizations and activists Almkhanson and associations interested and legal experts and any other individuals to whom the law applies to those with experience in such topics .

And it showed the trade unions that have option is to request consult the International Labour Office in Geneva on this draft and examine their compatibility with its own social guarantees ratified international labor standards by Iraq and, in particular , ILO Convention No. (102) of the minimum standards of social security for 1952 .

And decided the parties involved to continue meetings and expanded to include larger numbers and the parties in the coming period and try to work jointly as a team and take advantage of the experience of joint work of the unions and the unions during the period of labor legislation No. 37 Act of 2015 with the importance of re - activate the work of the Coordinating Committee for trade unions and professional associations in Iraq to deal with this subject during the coming period.