Jaafari called for international organizations to help Iraq achieve stability and development

February 21, 2017 Iraq News
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Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari international organizations to make more efforts to help Iraq achieve stability and development.

A statement from Jaafari's office, on Tuesday, and received Iraqi transmitter Network (IBN) a copy of which the latter gave "thanks and appreciation Iraq's efforts, and aid provided by humanitarian organizations to the Iraqi people in various fields," pointing out that "Iraq is a country rich multi-riches, and has the ingredients advancement, but it is going through exceptional circumstances Setjaozha the elimination of terrorism, and achieve security and stability, and economic development with the help of friendly countries. "

He added that "the international organizations have a responsibility to provide the required humanitarian services, and to prove her humanity, and standing up for the people that face terrorist challenges," calling for "international organizations to make more efforts and to support United Nations programs that support the stability and development, and the provision of medical supplies by the World Health Organization and attention chip children and women, and the adoption of programs that address the effects of the war. "

And called for al-Jaafari, according to the statement, "UNESCO and other organizations to meet its responsibility to rehabilitate the marsh areas, and areas of archaeological" and urged "the FAO Food and Agriculture that contribute to addressing the problems of agricultural, land reclamation, mine removal of the liberated areas."

He stressed al-Jaafari, saying that "the peoples of the world, and international organizations to contribute to the adoption of the reconstruction of Iraqi infrastructure project as the Marshall Plan, which helped in the construction of Germany."

For their part, representatives of international organizations, according to the statement stressed that "international organizations will provide all the necessary services to secure the safe return of displaced persons to their home areas in the country."