House bless Ayman victories in Mosul and academics vote on union law

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House of Representatives voted in its regular eleven, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, head of the Council and in the presence of 222 deputies on Tuesday on the Iraqi Syndicate of law academics and hosted the Minister of Water Resources to answer oral questions.

According to a statement of the Department of Media of the House of Representatives received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "al-Jubouri Park at the start of the meeting on behalf of the Iraqi Council of Representatives victories achieved in the right side of Mosul at the hands of security forces in various own identity", expressing at the same time regret the security breaches that have affected several areas of Iraq and led to the death and injury of a number of innocent citizens. "

"The House of Representatives and read Surat Al-Fatiha in memory of the souls of the martyrs of Iraq of the last victims of terrorist acts."

The statement continued, "and ended the Council vote on the draft Union of Iraqi academics and submitted by committees of civil society institutions and higher legal, financial and Education Act, which came to the attention of angel teaching and academic and upgrading of workers in this vital sector and the preparation of plans and policies that promote the process of teaching and for the establishment of councils and unions cares for academics and defend them and save their dignity and ensure the academic freedoms and to raise the reputation of Iraqi universities, institutes and equality with their counterparts Guy civilized nations.

Council postponed the vote according to the statement on the draft law amending the Law of the Republic of Iraq logo stamped No. 85 of 1965 and sponsored by the committees of Culture, Media and legal.

This was followed by MP Ahmad meaning of the statement on behalf of the House of Representatives hailed the launch edit the right side of operations for the city of Mosul and the joy that pervaded the Iraqis with the start of operations ", calling for" accuracy and caution and good planning and the treatment of the people of the city humanely, it's like in the liberation of the left side, "and urged the government to "providing the necessary Musltzmat for the displaced of medicine, food, appealing to the international community and Islamic countries to provide aid to the city of Mosul."

He gave Haider Alfoada statement on behalf of the House of Representatives in which denounced the kidnapping of 16 of truck drivers working in the livestock trade sons City torch in Anbar province, appealing to tribal leaders of Anbar in order to contribute to the release of hostages released, expressing "hope that the fact that the MPs role and motionless to lift their families." and urged the Prime Minister to take urgent steps to ensure that rescue the kidnapped and their families their promises.

President al-Jubouri, and the face of the relevant committees to "make efforts and cooperation with the competent to work on the release parties."

On the other hand, hosted by the Council Hassan al-Janabi, Minister of Water Resources to answer an oral question by MP Hanan al.

President al-Jubouri and welcomed in the name of the House of Representatives in good Janabi and Water Resources Minister to attend the meeting to answer the question as a single oral supervisory practices contained in the rules of procedure in order to question about a specific topic.

He inquired MP Hanan al ministry for measures to clean up the Shatt al-Hilla, which turned into a garbage dump.

In response through the Minister of Water Resources is ready to answer any question submitted by any deputy in the House, reviewing the history of the Shatt al-Hilla, which branches off from the Euphrates River across the Indian helm one of the important water installations, alluding to the problem of the Shatt al-Hilla, focused on the scarcity of water in the rivers, as well as the existence of more than one thousand exceeded in the province of Babylon, and from the excesses of the water quotas.

He pointed out that al-Janabi, "the executive bodies are responsible for the removal of irregularities after it is informed by the ministry," he said. "The ministry can do Bakri river and maintenance, but the lack of financial allocations in the current year budget impeding the implementation of projects of the ministry."

And showed the deputy Fatlawi that "the problem of the Shatt al-Hilla summed abuses and sediments with the passage of time and the spread of sugar cane, which puts on the shoulders of the ministry part of the responsibility as local government bears the bulk of responsibility for the negligence of the coast", calling for "accountable those who neglected Cree rivers during the past years, leading the effects of bad environment on the reality of cities. "

And he wondered MP Hanan al for "The ministry measures to support the marshes after putting them in the World Heritage what has been accomplished from the special requirements of UNESCO."

For his part, Minister of Water Resources noted that the Status of the marshes and enforceable by Iraq's obligations, "stressing that" the obligations rests with the government as a whole and not the responsibility of the Ministry of Water Resources only with it's continuing to fulfill its obligations within the specified time period, indicating that the coordination between state institutions did not quite live up to the required level and we have 10 months to work to implement the required commitments. "
MP Fatlawi inquired about "the proportion of the stages of rehabilitation of the Mosul Dam and the seriousness of the risks surrounding it."

In turn, said al-Janabi "The ministry is continuing injection of the Mosul Dam since 1986 until the occupation by the Daesh in 2014 after the liberation of the dam by the ministry staff doing a great job for the rehabilitation of the dam," noting that "the contract with the Italian company for a period of 18 months respect to the maintenance of the dam and ports Lower the dam gates where the basin of the truce with the rehabilitation of a tunnel Overstuffing and set a new combination plants for materials Overstuffing, stressing that the percentage of completion of the contract amounted to 25%, and work is continuing by the Italian company's domestic and foreign entities, retaining and regaining the consent of the ministry, "announcing" a conference in Baghdad next month experts dams in the world. "

The Chairman of the House of Representatives thanks to the deputy Hanan al of its supervisory role and Water Resources Minister to attend to the meeting and submit important information.

This was followed by Rep. Najiba Najib issued a statement on the occasion of the World Day of the language in which the Iraqi people from the various components congratulated calling on the federal government to the education of generations of multiple languages, noting that the commitment to linguistic diversity needs to application and activation at various levels in the state, especially in the Ministries of Education.

Then followed the Security and Defense Committee a report on the security situation in Baghdad and Mosul edit operations and operations of Hawija.

The Committee pointed out in its report that "security breaches in Baghdad was the result of the dispersion of effort and intelligence failure monument Kamrat surveillance in the streets, calling for" the immediate project to make weapons-free cities and the reorganization of prisons and prevent it from being breeding grounds for terrorists, as well as the need to set up cameras and deploy wheels sonar on the roads and updating the electronic Communicating with neighboring and regional countries, the system in addition to re-work the elect to install the citizens' records and activate the detection of criminal evidence system and the division of Baghdad into cutouts system between the security forces in various classifications and linked system complete communications and increase the proportion of employees in the intelligence effort and speed up project vehicle registration by the Directorate General traffic. "

And on the liberalization of Mosul operations security and defense committee showed that the military sectors have achieved advanced results since the start of liberalization the right side operations for the city of Mosul liberalization of 20 villages and reach the outskirts of the camp Ghazlani Mosul airport and with the participation of pieces of federal police and rapid response and the Iraqi army, as well as the achievements of heroes of the popular crowd at west axis of cutting off supplies to the enemy and escape elements Daesh to the Syrian side.

On the other hand, the Committee stressed the follow-up with the security authorities concerned in Anbar province, about kidnapped truck's 17 of the flame area of ​​Baghdad drivers in order to liberate them and find out their fate, noting that security authorities are still ongoing in the search for the kidnappers.

The Committee pointed out that the humanitarian situation in Hawija longer after the tragic siege from all sides for more than a year as a result of style criminal organization Daesh to pay residents to flee, stressing the need to liberate the city as soon as possible before it is too late.

In the interventions of Representatives, MP Mohammad Tamim, demanded to know the real reasons for the late start editing Hawija operations despite the formation of task forces in charge, demanding expulsion of the political side of the human side of the issue of liberalization of Hawija terrorism Daesh.

She said the MP Hanan al need to know who obstruct the implementation of laws legislated by the House of Representatives for accountable noting the repeated security breaches in Baghdad, despite talk of measures to curb the bombings.

And the MP Hassan Khalati that "some security checkpoints hinders lead role of the situation in the cities", calling for "activating the intelligence effort to determine the source of the explosions that occur in Baghdad."

The MP Hassan Salem that "the techniques used in the security checkpoints have become a useful and Atjda Ataatlaim with the methods of the terrorists," and called for "strengthening the coordination between the security services in the provinces of besieged terrorists move from one place to another."

For his part, drew MP Joseph Salioh that "there is a clear inability to rehabilitate villages in the Nineveh Plain that was edited from Conception organize Daesh to speedily re-population, alluding to the presence of poorly treated by checkpoints with the people of Nineveh plain area during their return."

He MP Khalid Mafraji that "the issue of Hawija, has become the issue of a forgotten inquiring about the reasons for the delay in the Battle of Hawija and orientation for the Liberation of Mosul, stressing the Hawija population of more than 20 uprising against the criminal organization, warning of the poor conditions in displaced people fleeing Daesh and present crimes in the camps."

The MP Ribawar Taha that "military commanders in the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga forces and the governor of Kirkuk, stressed the importance of liberalization of Hawija before Nineveh, which requires a fact-finding about the reasons for blame by the federal government the responsibility of the governor of Kirkuk."

I inquired MP Raad Aldhlki for security feasibility from behind the fence surrounding the Baghdad governorate and its effects humanity.

He noted MP Ali Hoelh to "re-displaced people to their areas, especially in the area of ​​the rock cliff," and urged to "accounting of the security services that fail to perform its duties in protecting the citizens."

He stressed MP Ahmad electrodes on "the importance of rapid intervention in various ways to deliver aid to the people in the district of Hawija and the need to develop plans to edit it."

MP Hassan Turan to speed up the "liberation of Hawija and Tal Afar Cazaas who suffer from difficult humanitarian conditions and the deterioration in all fields."

In its reply to the interventions of the Committee on indicated that the liberation of Hawija is up to the military leaders, pointing to the formation of the leadership of the east of the Tigris operations on Liberalization of Hawija, alluding to the existence of the movements between the central government and the Kurdistan region of coordination regarding the liberalization process of elimination, referring to the dispersion of the security effort in Baghdad although there are 750 surveillance cameras in the province

And it announced the security and defense committee for the General Commander of the Armed Forces in charge of armaments at the defense ministry held accountable by the import of certain aircraft and weapons, shoddy and led to the occurrence of the bombing of a Shiite shrine in Daquq.

And on the respect of MPs bench between President al-Jubouri, the "Replace MP deceased Abdul Azim and Healing is by Protozoa by displaying the names of each of Ayad Abdul-Jabbar Karim who belongs to a coalition of Iraq and Abbas Ajil belongs to a coalition alternative to the Communist Party and the purity of Adnan Al-Ghanim belongs to a coalition of the alternative and the fact that the deceased belonged coalition alternative he should be clarity Adnan Abdul Majid Ghanim substitute for having the highest number of votes, "adding that" the replacement of the Attorney Almistozr Qasim al-Araji, both Mr. Mehdi Hussein al-Zubaidi, who belongs to a coalition of state law [Islamic Dawa Party and winning Friday for a coalition of state law [Islamic Dawa Party ] deemed violation of being the last entity in Wasit province, noting that Mr. Mahdi Hussein offered to object to the opinion of legal counsel in court.

The president of the House of Representatives that "the presidency of the Council decided to approach the State Council regarding the confusion over alternative Qasim al-Araji Lists."

Then led Safa Adnan Alghanim sworn deputies in the House of Representatives instead of the late MP Abdel Azim and Healing.

Then decide to adjourn the meeting on Thursday, 23/02/2017.