Moody Trump increase Iraqi-us relations space ghtash

By: Dr nadir Al-khazraji - 21-02-2017 | (Voice of Iraq) |

Us Iraqi relations were on a clear day, no Royal Testament, nor in the Republican era, in the emerging democratic era, and that America's interests in the region ruled by Misty and her attitude of Israel.

In order to read a page of relations between Baghdad and Washington, putting lines under some lines:

First: Iraqi security agreement signed by us former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki after that kind of infraction are abandoned and offending within the Government, with the US military presence in 2011, and that didn't sit well with some neighbouring capitals and a number of Iraqi leaders, it was ISIS and its occupation of Mosul in June 2014 bid to topple the Iraqi experience.

When voices in Baghdad on the future of the security agreement and activated, former us President Obama has bridled at his face on Iraq and it was not meant, silent neighbor capitals in Mosul, Kurdistan President distanced himself from what happened in Mosul and announced openly that the territory would not be involved in a sectarian war, believing that entering ISIS to Mosul and threaten the political system in Baghdad sectarian war between Sunni Arabs and Shiites, andAfter a short period when ISIS creep was stopped at the walls of Baghdad by the efforts of popular mobilization forces, ISIS compass turned towards Erbil to occupy it, then head of the territory's request for help and came America and Arab and Western capitals to prevent ISIS control over Erbil, the fall of the territory, and this was the reason for coming America's forces to Iraq, and to this day the US political and military position of Iraq is unclear and unpredictable, it tells the Edit totally limp connector although Prime Abadi preached Iraqis conclude separate edit connector With the end of the year 2016 p Dr Abadi said Sunday morning on 19/2/2017 m starting the third phase of the western part of Mosul edits.

II: modern Iraq did not pose a threat to neighboring countries, Saudi position of Iraq has always had a negative attitude even in the time of Saddam, the people and the system together, disastrous Safwan proof, and this position is that enter Iraq later in thirteen years lean from the economic embargo in 1990-2013, when the change of political regime in Iraq under the Saudi stance as it works in various ways to overthrow the new Iraqi experiment, because the ruling Shiites, want to win for the year and Kurds Riyadh as Joachim Antisocial media new experience, otherwise Saddam was a Sunni, and with this policy with Baghdad in the Covenants, more mildly as unfriendly, but the goal is to not be on the border of Saudi Arabia a strong country and recovered economically and politically, the Governor of Sunni or Shia, Arab or Kurd, intended to have a weak Iraq whatever the identity and nationality of the Governor and gilded and nationality.

III: who wants to learn about American policy in Iraq and Iraq since the second world war until today, he has to re read the book (the ideals of Islam in Bhamdoun) of late Sheikh Mohamed Hussein deceased cover detector in 1954, which reveals a map of u.s.
policy toward Muslim and Arabic peoples, to find that the 21st century America's 20th-century America itself, do not want Arabs and Muslims not to be cow milk yield I willed Governor in Washington, not unlike President Trump About ex counterparts.

And American politics if she had worked in a number of Arabic and Islamic countries, they did not succeed in Iraq, not least under the first and second Governments of Al-Maliki, here comes the role of Iraqi and diplomatic decision makers, media and the Iraqi lobby in Washington, if any, of explaining to politicians in Washington that the Iraqi psyche is not like its counterpart in a number of countries, the Iraqi people aspire to have good relations, but not required to always say "Yes Sir!".

Of the intervention in the Muslim Youth Association Media Forum held in London on 17/2/2017 m media experts and the owners saw from different countries when hosted former Iraqi Ambassador in Washington Professor lokman Abdul Rahman Faili.