Urgent .. Daesh withdrawal from Mosul airport after bombed Iraqi artillery

31 minutes ago

Twilight News / forced bombed Iraqi artillery on the Mosul airport Daesh elements to withdraw from inside the airport and spread surroundings.

He told an officer in the federal police Twilight News, he said the militants organize Daesh withdrawn from Mosul International Airport and began Balthacd in the surroundings continued after being targeted by Iraqi armed forces with heavy artillery and international airline alliance.

Iraqi forces launched an intense bombardment this morning on the Mosul airport, which made its way corrected yesterday, within the framework of an extensive process to restore Ayman city.

He said the federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat said in a statement, said the artillery bombed the federal police headquarters in Mosul airport Aldoaash inspired flight preparation for the storm.

Iraqi forces were able to reach the outskirts of Mosul airport, actually fist organize Daesh Ayman city.

The Iraqi forces were able to complete the first of its duties framed battles released recently for the Liberation of Ayman Mosul.