Iraq recover about one billion dinars spent Unlike electronic clearing procedures

one hour ago

Twilight News / Department of Investigation revealed the board in all fairness to enable them to recover the estimated one billion dinars to the state treasury, indicating that the investigative procedures led to the re - payments to the state treasury had been spent under the clearing Alaketronh (unlike the banking instructions).

According to a statement of the department responded to Twilight News, that the investigations into the two cases Aldzaiatin, two special regardless instruments across the Rafidain Bank branch, led to the recovery of Mbalghma through the payment of the accused (A.l.k) the amount of the first instrument of (731 400 000) million, and the second instrument of (129 million ) Million dinars.

For his part , Rafidain Bank confirmed the payment of the accused (A.l.k) sums instruments, as I know the bank board of the integrity of the two books during the official that the amount of instruments subject Aldzaiatin two issues which have been the last Tnzerhma they pay back in full.

The defendant (A.l.k) may be the oldest on the liberalization instruments is faithful balance for the benefit of my customers are banks natives, where they withdraw sums instruments through the manipulation of the electronic clearing procedures.