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All countries of the world are adopting industry trends after the knowledge derived from the establishment of the economic viability So a new edifice carries with it a benefit to the country designated Moatn.vthdid and economic study of the size and levels of demand Tname annually creates a clear picture of the private sector or the public about the possibility of activating the industry under study that comes new to the national economy.

In Iraq, which seeks to multiple financial resources we find there detailed industrially can be activated and bring considerable economic feasibility, we can first start of the industries that have the ingredients for success and the first of the dairy industry, which enjoys a good reputation among among consumers in the market Local.

We are dealing with this detailed of its importance in our country, which has the sector agricultural broad and livestock able to provide dairy-making materials, and more importantly, the development of the industry provides to the federal budget more than one billion and $ 300 million, representing Akiem dairy products imported from different markets annually Regional.

This large amount is constantly increasing with population growth, especially when we consider that the percentage of the population in Iraq significantly higher means more demand for dairy products.

It is updating us on the reality of the situation we discovered the existence of the possibility for the advancement of production through the introduction or production lines imported did not enter service range distance. The manufacture of dairy and one of the most important food industries that can achieve significant economic feasibility of the national economy and the economy of the family in particular, where it can provide a product qualitatively to the consumer, will also move the dolly sectors and promote the production of livestock and the expansion of farmed in all regions Iraq.

This in turn will create jobs for a large segment of young people in rural areas and projects breeding milch cows stations this activity achieves integrated industrial farming where will raise the demand for concentrated feed green fodder and thus achieve benefits through activation of this domestic industry.

The usefulness of the agricultural sector will start on the provision of green fodder and concentrated feed production plants and transport sector adopted by the industry and sectors Chock them.